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Top 10 Crypto Trading Tools You Need to Know

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Trading cryptocurrencies takes research, dedication, and a desire to learn. The crypto market provides a huge amount of opportunities to those willing to take the time to master the skill. Like all professions, trading crypto takes practice, and there is a learning curve. Luckily, you can leverage the top 10 crypto trading tools you need to know (in no particular order) to improve your results. 

Why You Need Crypto Trading Tools

When you trade crypto, there are tons of factors to consider. These factors include the research you need to do on each project, market data that needs to be monitored, trading strategies that need to be created, and much more. Thankfully, you don’t have to go on the journey alone, and millions in research and development have been put towards making trading easier and more profitable.

Top 10 Crypto Trading Tools

Top 10 Crypto Trading Tools

Crypto trading tools enable you to free up your time and remove human emotion from the process. These tools can help you to see through the fog of the market and locate gems before the average user. As such, crypto trading tools are crucial for all those seeking to become professionals or wanting improved ROIs.

Choosing the Right Crypto Trading Tools

When it comes to finding the right crypto trading tools, you must stick to reputable sources. The best options will have earned a reputation as the premier platforms in the market. It's crucial you're wary of new trading tools or any feature that may require access to your exchange accounts. As such, sticking with the top 10 crypto trading tools is the best way to guarantee results.

The first thing you need to do when determining if a trading tool is a good fit is to evaluate its services in your strategy. This step begins with examining what the tool offers, the technical understanding required to operate the platform, and its overall cost.

New traders may find that some tools, although helpful, fall outside their budget or capabilities. Being in this scenario is okay because you can always improve your skills through learning. The main thing is not to get frustrated and understand that becoming a skilled crypto trader takes time.

1. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is one of the best-known platforms in the entire crypto market. This website is a must-have for anyone entering the market. It's packed with vital data on the market and individual projects.

CoinMarketCap users can research the market with ease. The platform features a variety of data points, including price, history, market cap, listings, and much more. Additionally, the website offers real-time data in 13 different languages and across +25 fiat currencies.

When you combine these features with a secure and powerful API, it's easy to see why the platform is a hit. Whether you’re a developer or trader, CoinMarketCap's combination of features, news, and educational options make it a smart addition to any trader's toolkit.

In addition to data aggregation, CoinMarketCap, notably functions as a means of portfolio management.  To learn more about this feature and competing services, click the following links for iOS users and Android users.

2. Hardware Wallet

Next on the list is a tool that every trader should hold: a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets are special devices made to keep your crypto safe from online threats. In order to accomplish this task, these wallets use a method called “cold storage” in which your crypto is kept offline.

These devices can store a massive selection of coins securely. Additionally, they are constantly upgraded to ensure they are safe from all potential and emerging threats as they get discovered. If you are serious about holding crypto, a hardware wallet must be one of the first items you integrate into your strategy.

There are a host of popular hardware wallet options available in the market today. Each offers a balance of features and services worth reviewing.  To learn more about a few of the leading hardware wallets available today, CLICK HERE.

3. Altrady 

Altrady can help you take your trading results up a notch thanks to its unique combination of features and services. The platform is a trading interface and portfolio manager that offers real-time data and the ability to set alerts. Altrady improves your results by enabling you to trade across multiple exchanges from a  single easy-to-use interface. This approach helps traders diversify their holdings across multiple exchanges without getting lost in the data.

Already had managed to secure a reputation as a dependable trading tool thanks to some of its best options. The Smart Trading window provides you with direct access to tons of helpful data including charts, tools, and preset alerts. All of these options are one of the reasons why Altrady is such a  popular portfolio manager.

4. TradeSanta

TradeSanta is a great addition to anyone's arsenal for many reasons. This advanced API trading window automates many of the processes. Trading bots like TradeSanta are ideal for users because they enable them to remove emotion from their trading strategy.

TradeSanta is a popular trading bot that is easy to set up compared to many of its competitors. The platform leverages a secure and tested API, which enables you to trade in real-time across some of the most popular exchanges in the market today, including Bittrex, Bitfinex, Binance, and HitBTC.

5. 3commas

Another trading bot that has earned a reputation as a way to increase your results is 3commas. This advanced trading bot offers a host of features that the competition doesn't, including a portfolio balancer. The network makes it simple for new traders to set up their trading bot parameters.

The crypto trading bot and portfolio balancer make keeping tabs on your holdings easy. 3Commas has some of the best features experienced traders seek. These advanced features include options such as trailing stop loss and take profit. Trailing stop loss is an option that will automatically raise your stop loss limits and lock in incremental price movements throughout the day.

3Commas is one of only a few networks that currently offer social trading options. This feature enables traders to copy a professional's trading strategy. Social traders select a professional to follow and their trades will be automatically mimicked by the user's account.

6. CoinMarketCal

CoinMarketCal is a great way to stay up-to-date on all the projects you trade. The platform allows you to monitor all of the most important events in the market. You can set reminders and alerts to ensure you don’t miss vital events such as exchange listings.

CoinMarketCal makes it easy for you to improve your crypto journal results. The platform is flexible and connects to multiple exchanges which helps to improve its usability. Additionally,  The system is available as a free trial.

7. Koinly 

Koinly is a powerful portfolio tracker that empowers trades through a variety of methods. The platform includes highly interactive and vibrant graphs and charts, making it easier to stay ahead of trends.

Koinly makes it easier to gain market oversight without adding extra time to the process. The system tracks market movements and individual tokens with ease. As such, Koinly has become a popular option for traders in the market.

8. Altfins 

Altfins will help you improve your market tracking capabilities by enabling you to recognize chart patterns. There are thousands of trading patterns that can help you to better predict market movements. However, noticing these patterns across different exchanges can be a time-consuming process.

The Altfins analyzer streamlines the monitoring process for traders. You can create a custom watchlist or go with the projects that have hit the pattern requirements set forth on the platform. Best of all, you can connect your favorite exchange using advanced API.

9. Crypto News Websites

Every trader needs to stay on the razor's edge when discussing crypto developments. As such, you need to find a reliable and trustworthy place to find crypto news. Thankfully, there are a number of options to select.

Today, there are more specific news sites that you may consider. For example, those seeking in-depth data on second-layer protocols may choose to leverage platforms like, whereas security token traders may find other options better suited to fill their needs like

10. CryptoBubbles is a unique protocol that makes it easy to see trends and market movements. Unlike regular portfolio tracking systems that rely on traditional graphs, CryptoBubbles introduces a new type of chart. This chart features bubbles that expand or retract based on market movement.

The simplicity of this interface makes it easy to recognize what projects are on the move in seconds. For new traders, crypto bubbles are a great way to quickly assess the day's market. Also, it's free to use and looks great on a screen in your office.

Top 10 Crypto Trading Tools – Time to Trade

Once you understand the top 10 crypto trading tools for your strategy, you're sure to see better results. Most of the options on this list are free to use and all of them have been proven to provide valuable data when you need it.

Be sure to check out the top 10 crypto research tools you need to know.

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