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Top 10 Crypto Research Tools (April 2024)

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Learning the top 10 crypto & blockchain research tools will increase your chances of success in your crypto endeavors. Navigating the blockchain sector can seem like a daunting task nowadays for many reasons. There are hundreds of blockchains and thousands of tokens in operation currently. All of the options available to traders today mean it's much harder to stay on top of the market.

Research is King

Every crypto user should take the time to expand their knowledge and understanding of the market, especially specific projects they want to hold or trade. Research tools streamline the review process and make it much easier for traders to gain valuable insight into the actual state of the market. As such, every trader should leverage multiple market research tools when trading digital assets. Here are the top 10 blockchain research tools you need to know in no particular order.

1. Santiment

QUICK Walkthrough of Santiment's PREMIER Cryptocurrency Metrics Platform, Sanbase!

Santiment is among the top blockchain research tools used by industry professionals. The platform offers in-depth market data on +2000 different projects, including intricate details such as updates, alerts, market movements, and even social media momentum. This combination of data can provide traders with an excellent overview prior to making their investment.

Santiment offers a free trial but it will not include the most up-to-date data. Free trials offer a 30-day delay. This structure enables you to poke around the software and get familiar with its features and offerings. When you're ready to take it up a notch, the platform offers paid subscription options.

The Pro Version offers additional features and more timely data for a minimum monthly fee. In comparison, the Pro + option includes way more data like behavioral reports and other benefits such as up-to-the-hour info. Pro + also enables traders to set market alerts and leverage a screener to improve ROIs.

2. Messari

Introduction to the New Messari Screener

Messari users enjoy access to a plethora of helpful analysis tools, charts, and filters. The system operates as a high-performance data aggregator that is geared toward businesses and high-end users. As such, traders can use Messari to monitor crucial aspects of the market including trading volume, volatility, and liquidity.

The free version offers some features but pales in comparison to Mesarri Pro. For the additional monthly charge, you gain access to a variety of elite options. Pro users can find the best opportunities using the advanced screening and charting tools exclusive to this level of user.

3. Glassnode

Tracking Market Momentum with On-chain Data - The Week On-chain 6, 2024 (Bitcoin Onchain Analysis)

Another popular crypto monitoring tool used by professionals is Glassnode. This market research portal allows you to easily monitor multiple network activities. The system offers a massive selection of metrics and data points which makes it stand out amongst the competition.

Users can see vital stats such as the true number of active wallet addresses versus nonactive ones. This in-depth research makes it easy to see if there are certain community members attempting to boost the project unnaturally.

GlassNode users do pay a monthly fee but they are privy to a variety of market indicators. This information is updated every 24 hours on the standard plan. Anyone who requires even faster data retrieval can obtain this info by stepping up membership tiers.

4. Coinmarketcap

CoinMarketCap Tutorial - The Ultimate Guide 2024

Coinmarketcap makes it easy to find the hidden gems in the market before the competition. This free-to-use and massively popular platform should be familiar to all traders. The platform offers in-depth data pertaining to a huge selection of tokens.

As the most used analytics platform in the market currently, CoinMarketcap has earned a reputation for providing timely and accurate data. Users can leverage the options to sort projects by criteria including price, supply, and trading volume. Best of all, the interface is customizable and developers can integrate the data into their platforms using the advanced API options.

5. CryptoMiso

CryptoMiso ranks projects based on their development activity. This tool is essential for all traders because it can help to reveal the true scope of the network and its usage. The platform accomplishes this task by monitoring the popular developer platform GitHub for recent activity.

GitHub is the largest community of developers in the world and many projects rely on it to bring their international developers together. GitHub activity is a clear sign that a project is under work and has the interest of developers. As such, this is a vital data point to monitor.

This strategy makes sense when you learn that the most popular and valuable crypto projects also have the most vibrant developer community. The protocol enables you to zoom in and see the activity for a project over custom time periods as well. As such, you can see what networks are active and which are slowly fading away.

6. CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare streamlines comparing different blockchain networks. The platform offers side-by-side comparisons which makes it easy to see all relevant data in a single chart. CryptoCompare uses timely data and advanced blockchain monitoring capabilities to ensure you get the most relevant data in real-time.

CryptoCompare is the perfect tool to track different coins and their momentum. When used with the other helpful options on this list such as CryptoMist, it becomes much easier to gain full transparency on projects quickly.

7. LunarCrush

LunarCrush is a must-have for any serious crypto researcher. The network measures social analytics to provide a clear view of investor sentiment. As part of this strategy, LunarCrush scans the top social media networks for any activity pertaining to a project such as hashtags or developer posts.

The platform takes the concept a step further by enabling you to monitor the top social media crypto influencers. You can also use the platform to track the entire market, individual projects, and even exchanges,

Unlike the competition, the Pro version of LunarCrush requires users to stake LNR tokens to access. Users stake 2000 LNRΒ  to gain access to this top tier. This level of membership has some serious perks including real-time data and 5% APY on staked tokens.

8. CoinGecko

CoinGecko is another popular blockchain research site that needs to be on this list for multiple reasons. For one, the network operates as one of the largest and most successful aggregators in the market currently. There are +11,000 projects and +600 exchanges monitored by CoinGecko today.

CoinGecko is a favorite among traders due to its plethora of tokens, monitoring options, and massive educational guide section. The platform makes it easier to keep track of the entire market and the protocols that interest you most.

9. Coin Dance

CoinDance is dedicated to Bitcoin researchers. As a dedicated platform, there are a variety of options that are exclusive to CoinDance that Bitcoiners will appreciate. This hi-performance Bitcoin research tool provides traders with vital up-to-the-minute data including node statuses, fee changes, block size, and hash rates.

CoinDance provides a high level of flexibility as well. You can sort Bitcoin data based on geography which is a major plus. You can use this data to see what areas are having the most adoption. You can also see other crucial data including volume, pricing history, and network demographics. As such Coindance is an indispensable tool to researchers.

10. CoinMarketCal

It's one thing to monitor a large amount of crypto projects at once. However, it takes even more skills to monitor not just price and network data but also all the important cryptocurrency calendar events. Certain events such as exchange listings or reward halving can result in serious market movement.

CoinMarketCal makes it easy to stay on top of these events. It also makes it simpler to leverage these events to build a more effective trading strategy. Uniquely, the system is community run meaning that all listed events go to a community vote regarding their validity.

The goal is to ensure that only top-rated events make it to the event calendar. Since only quality and interesting events that the community believes in make it to the list, the options are solid. When you leverage CoinMarketCal, you know you're only participating in projects that have the faith of the community behind them.

Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics is another platform that can offer you valuable insight into potential trends before they take flight. The platform has secured a reputation as a powerful analytics tool. Users can see current network data on +100 digital assets.

Coin Metrics has some features that you can't find anywhere else. For example, the Network Data Pro Plan gives researchers +400 tools and filters at their disposal. These options include the ability to sort by realized capital and floating supply. As such, Coin Metrics is an indispensable tool for many in the market today.

Let the Research Begin

Now that you have a better understanding of the Top 10 Blockchain Research Tools you need to know, you're prepared to begin gaining more insight into the market. Remember there is no one who can say with 100% accuracy what the market will do in the future. However, the tools listed here will significantly improve the probability of your predictions being correct.

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