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Reach your target audience of informed investors is a news and token listing platform that specializes in security tokens. We are rapidly becoming a market leader in our space. We aim to enable investors to source new STOs, by aggregating the data that they need to make informed investing decisions.

While we offer a free listing platform for all STOs companies, companies that partner with us receive additional benefits.

Featured Article:

We will begin with writing an article about your project profiling the STO, this includes the raise amount, STO dates, the project description, etc.

Featured Interview:

We will interview you and this interview will be featured on the homepage of our website. In the interview we will ask questions that we feel are the most important to investors. As investors in the space we understand the investor mindset.

Listing Platform:

We will give you the power to transform your token on our listing platform.

With your help the free token listing on our platform will become much more powerful. You will be able to assist us with compiling additional data that would be of interest to investors. This includes:

  • Competition Analysis
  • Institutional Investors
  • Institutional Partnerships
  • Exchanges to purchase (If not trading, this is added later)
  • Submit up to 10 videos for the video section. This can be conference sessions, media  coverage, etc.
  • Direct link to Email for Investors to Use (optional)
  • Phone Number for Investors to Use (optional)
  • Press releases

View tZERO page for example of an enhanced listing.

Press Releases for Listing Platform:

By partnering with us not only will investors have access to all of your company information, investors will be able to discover all of your press releases in one place on your profile page, these will be chronologically listed.

Press releases will also be rotated on homepage.

Let’s get started:

We only partner with companies that we believe in. Please contact us.


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