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Security Token Exchanges

There are currently very few security token exchanges. Most exchanges are scheduled to open in late 2020. This gives the current exchanges a first movers advantage.

Security Token Exchanges
1. Open Finance – This is the first US based decentralized security token trading platform. This is currently the best option for investors who wish to trade in existing security tokens. They’ve partnered with the largest token issuers, and those tokens are automatically pre-qualified to be listed on the exchange.

Some of the features of this exchange:

  • A global registry of qualified entities and securities creates a mechanism for a decentralized securities depository that provides a public governance model to ensure maximum transparency and protection for investors.
  • The system is designed for traditional alternative assets and token-based securities, and allows for a streamlined compliant process from issuance to secondary market trading
  • Asset may also be registered with the SEC/EDGAR and that data can be referenced from the OFN as a subset of the Asset data object.

Security Token Exchanges

2. tZERO – This is the most anticipated security token trading platform on the planet. This exchange is powered by the same team as and is the brainchild of it’s CEO Patrick Byrne. While the exchange is currently live, only tZERO tokens can currently be exchanged. It’s anticipated that this exchange will be fully launched in late 2019.

  • Most anticipated exchange.
  • This is likely the catapult that will propel the acceleration of securities, and possibly cause a flippening, whereby securities replace utilities as the token of choice.
  • They successful raised over 300 million from their own STO via the Start Engine platform, and a private raise by GSR Capital.
  • View company details on our tZERO Business listings page.

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