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6 Best Identity Theft Protection Companies (June 2024)

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Safeguarding your personal information and data has never been more important. As we spend more and more time connected to a wide variety of services through digital means, the chances of being caught up in a data beach only increase.

While signing up for an identity theft protection service will not always prevent fraud from occurring, they can really be an essential lifeline when it comes to helping you spot suspicious activity and take action in a proactive way. The best identity theft protection services will also provide you with various helpful tools in recovering from a breach as well as insurance, and credit monitoring services in many cases. Keeping your identity protected also does not need to break the bank in terms of fees.

Here we feature 6 of the very best identity theft protection companies in a regularly updated listing that can help you with all aspects of staying protected from identity theft and credit fraud.

1. IDShield

IDShield provides tools to monitor your online presence and alert you of any unusual activity so you can take action the moment it happens. 24/7 monitoring of your identity, reputation, finances, credit, alerts you about potential fraud, and so much more.

This includes monitoring your information on the dark web and social media platforms, to alert you about any suspicious activity.

The full service identity protection offers peace of mind, with the knowledge that you have access to licensed private investigators to help restore your identity to its pre-theft status.

They also monitor your credit, stay on top of your finances with monthly credit score reports from 1 or 3 credit bureaus.

To summarize, IDShield not only gives you best in class identity monitoring, it also alerts you about suspicious activity and if an identity theft event does occur, their licensed private investigators will work to restore your identity to its pre-theft status. IDShield is the only identity protection provider with this type of full-service identity restoration.

2. Identity Force

Identity Force is greatly experienced in the industry of identity theft protection having been active in some form since 1978 but operating under the current name since 2005. The two plans that they offer provide a mix of great value alongside comprehensive data and reporting that can help you remain fully protected with even their most basic plan providing social media monitoring capabilities.

Any number of public records including address changes, courts and arrests, payday loan applications, sex offender registries and more can be monitored through Identity Force. They also provide a unique feature within their mobile app named Mobile Attack Control that can protect you from insecure connections, spyware, and illegitimate networks.

The company does well in offering a free 14-day trial period for you to test everything out risk-free and they typically offering an excellent pricing structure on both plans. The UltraSecure plan is available at $9.99 per month or $99.90 annually and includes all of the above-mentioned features and more.

Their most comprehensive plan is the UltraSecure+Credit. This plan as the name suggests, offers every feature of the basic plan but also adds frequent three-bureau credit monitoring and reports as well as a credit simulator to help you understand the impact of possible credit applications you may make. This plan is priced at $23.90 per month or $290 annually.

Get more information now by visiting Identity Force to learn more and sign up today.

3.  Surfshark Alert

Surfshark is a cybersecurity company focused on developing privacy and security solutions. The suite of products include a VPN, Antivirus, Alert (a data leak detection system), Search (a private search tool), and Incogni (an automated personal data removal system).

Surfshark Alert specializes in identity theft by offering:

  • Real-time credit card & ID breach alerts
  • Instant email data breach notifications
  • Regular personal data security reports

This product is integrated into Surfshark One — a cybersecurity bundle for all-over protection. Surf the web without tracking, secure your devices from malware, & guard your accounts’ security with one easy-to-use app.

If you are feeling extra risk adverse, you can also generate a new online identity & a proxy email with Alternative ID.

4.  IdentityIQ

IdentityIQ has been around as a trusted identity theft protection provider since 2009. They are US-based including with their customer support and offer coverage in a number of tiers you can choose from with some even including free family member coverage, and $1 million in identity theft insurance on all plans.

The company provides a total of 4 plans that are offered in their tiered protection model. These are the Secure, Secure Plus, Secure Pro, and Secure Max with the Secure plan being their most basic, and Secure Max being the most detailed.

Even with their most basic “Secure” plan, you will receive $1 million in insurance policy protection. The pricing for this plan is $6.99 per month and it provides features like one-bureau credit reports and dark web monitoring for your personal information. Also provided are social security number alerts, lost wallet protection, checking account reports, synthetic ID theft protection, and a US-based recovery and support service. The Secure Plus plan includes all of these features while adding three-bureau credit reports, and a change of address notification at a total of $9.99 per month.

The Secure Pro plan meanwhile is $19.99 per month and includes all the features of a Secure Plus plan with the addition of crime notification and more comprehensive credit report monitoring alongside an increased frequency of three-bureau credit reports. The Secure Max is their most detailed plan and is priced at $29.99 monthly. Alongside all the features of a Pro plan, you will also receive family protective cover with $25,000 of insurance coverage, credit score tracking, and monthly credit reports from three bureaus.

You can get started and sign up for a plan immediately by visiting Identity IQ now.

5. LifeLock

LifeLock is well known in the industry and having recently rebranded to NortonLifeLock they are famed for their computer and device protection in particular, already boasting more than 50 million users.

When it comes to identity theft protection the company offers three main plans at present. These are all offered in partnership with Norton360 that provides acclaimed device and virus protection. The LifeLock Select plan is their most basic and offers a good range of services including dark web monitoring, lost wallet protection, address change and ID verification as well as credit monitoring, data breach, SSN, and credit alerts and notifications. It is priced at $9.99 monthly or $99.48 for year one.

LifeLock Advantage is the next plan level that provides all previous plan features but increases stolen funds coverage to $100,000 as well as providing an annual credit report, and ongoing credit monitoring. This plan is $19.99 monthly in the first year.

Their most advanced plan is LifeLock Ultimate Plus. Priced at $25.99 per month for the first year this plan adds an unlimited VPN, and 500GB of cloud backup to Norton 360 while protecting stolen funds up to $1 million, providing three-bureau credit monitoring, and keeping an eye on a number of public databases for your information being used.

Visit LifeLock today to learn more and sign up for one of their great protection plans.

6. Complete ID

Complete ID is an excellent value choice of identity theft protection if you are conscious of your budget and find some of the other companies a little highly-priced. They are well connected with a broad range of protective services on offer and partnered with Costco as a benefit for those who are members of the retail giant.

Complete ID offers two types of protection plans. These are the Executive Members plan, and the Business and Gold Star Members plan. The protective features you will find available are much as you would with any of the other companies. This includes the likes of dark web surveillance, SSN and other public record monitoring, credit, and payday loan monitoring, as well as annual three-bureau credit reports, and regular credit score updates. You will also have access to a US-based support and restoration team and a full $1 million in theft insurance cover.

Returning to the value aspect, the Executive Members plan here is just $8.99 per month while the most comprehensive plan is $13.99 per month alongside your Costco membership fees. You can also add up to 5 children from $2.99 per month.

You can visit Complete ID right now to sign up for one of their plans.

Key Points to Note When Buying Identity Theft Protection

It always helps to have as much knowledge as possible on the environment you are entering before you actually start trading. Particularly if you are new to buying bitcoin, here are a few important considerations to weigh up before deciding on the best service for you:

Enabling Speedy Detection: These services, nor any others, will really protect you from becoming a victim of identity theft. This is quite impossible and something out of everyone’s control. What they do though is make sure you are very well positioned to notice any breach and act on it immediately. This can be a great advantage saving both time and money.

Knowledge is Power: These services allow you to know, monitor, and understand how your data is being used. This in itself innately increases your awareness and helps improve your personal security. Such services can be a great first step in helping you take a proactive approach to identity theft protection.

Plan Features: Though each company and plan may share many similarities, it remains important that you examine the offering of each closely. This will help you make the best choice given your own lifestyle and circumstances.

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