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Meet the Team was designed to offer detailed analysis and news on DeFi, Fintech, digital assets, and digital securities.

Learn about new investment opportunities, read interviews with industry leaders, and follow our thought leaders. All enable investors to stay current on legislative and industry changes.

Our team is completely decentralized, with our head offices located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

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Antoine Tardif
Antoine is a futurist, & Co-Founder of He has invested in over 50 blockchain & AI projects. He is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council.
Rebecca Stoner
Rebecca has a keen attention to detail and is an investment analyst and entrepreneur. Some early investments include Spotify and Lyft.
Joshua Stoner
Director of Content & Writer/Researcher
Joshua has a great interest in disruptive technologies like Blockchain, AI, and more. He has consistently reported on such topics across various outlets since 2017. Joshua is formally educated in Chemical Engineering in Technology, and Paramedicine, going on to also hold a career as a Paramedic before finding his love for writing.
David Hamilton
A full-time journalist and a long-time bitcoinist. David specializes in writing articles on the blockchain. He has been published in multiple publications including