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Leonovus to use Securitize to host Security Token Offering

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Leonovus chooses Securitize

Leonovus has recently announced that they have come to a decision on which platform they will be utilizing to host their upcoming Galaxa security token offering. The Canadian company has chosen to use industry leader, Securitize.

By choosing Securitize, Leonovus gains access to one of the most comprehensive, and developed issuance platforms available today. To date, Securitize has assisted in various successful STOs, and will be able to leverage this experience in their role with Leonovus.

A Team Effort

This announcement comes only weeks after Leonovus enlisted the help of RockTree with the very same STO. RockTree will be used as a marketing/bridging platform, as well as provide advisory services. Meanwhile, Securitize will utilize their DS Protocol to handle token creation, issuance, distribution, and management.


In their press release, Leonovus CEO, Michael Gaffney, spoke about this development.

He stated,

“Selecting Securitize gives Galaxa investors a tokenization solution to ensure the compliant trading of digital securities across multiple markets and exchanges. This partnership builds upon our previously announced agreement with RockTree Capital and RockTree LEX for placement and advisory services in connection with the GAAX offering and shows our continued commitment to working with the leading pioneers in digital securities to launch Galaxa”


Leonovus is based out of Ottawa, and was founded in 2010. Above all, Leonovus strives to provide storage solutions on an enterprise level. For instance, Leonovus is able to offer multiple variants of storage, ranging from on-site to cloud.

Leonovus is led by CEO, Michael Gaffney – an expert in the world of technology services, boasting 3 decades of experience.


For companies looking to issue digital securities, Securitize is there to help.  Providing an end-to-end solution, Securitize guides companies through the various stages of the process.  This means ensuring legal compliance, token issuance, and everything in between.

In the time since their inception in 2017, Securitize has gone on to be an industry trailblazer with regards to digital securities.

Despite being a well-known name within the blockchain industry, Securitize is not limited to the companies within it.  For instance, Securitize envisions a future where they will be helping companies from any and all industries to take advantage of the benefits realized through tokenization.

In Other News

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