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Archax – A Bridge to the Digital Economy

The London-based digital securities exchange Archax is one of the only fully-regulated platforms in the EU.

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Archax London Security Token Exchange

The Archax platform is a security and asset-backed token exchange based in London. The developers behind the Archax platform look to attract global institutional capital into the cryptospace. To accomplish this monumental task, the Archax platform primarily caters to the needs of large traditional financial firms.

Currently, there are very few regulated exchanges in operation within the EU. Archax seeks to change this. This lack of regulations has kept traditional investment firms from entering the market with confidence. Traditional investment firms are used to operating in a heavily regulated environment. Both the firms and their clients have grown accustomed to this level of protection when investing.

Recognizing the desire for a safer entry point into the digital economy, Archax's team developed the concept for their investment firm-focused digital exchange. The exchange will follow the stringent securities regulations of London. This strategy provides investment capital a credible bridge into the blockchain space.

Archax via Twitter
Archax via Twitter


The Archax platform handles tokenized assets of all kinds. Speaking on the platform's capabilities, the company's CEO, Graham Rodford, explained how tokenization will revolutionize the financial sector in the coming years.  He described how the “current digital asset world is just the beginning” before explaining the effects of tokenization across the market.

Rodford believes that once traditional investment firms realize the power of tokenization, it’s going to be a financial revolution. More specifically, the fact that you can tokenize anything. In order to capture the momentum of this FinTech revolution, Archax has assembled a team of highly-trained and experienced blockchain financial and legal experts.

David Lester is the former Chief Strategy Officer of London Stock Exchange. He is one of the main advisors for the Archax platform. Speaking on his decision to join the project, Lester explained how tokenization and blockchain technologies disrupt the traditional market landscape. He then explained how blockchain technology enables a more transparent and frictionless trading experience for all.


Archax was founded on June 26, 2018 with the goal of bridging the gap between traditional and technical investors. The company's CEO and Co-Founder Graham Rodford is no stranger to the financial markets. Previously, he was the COO and CCO for a $1.4 billion dollar hedge fund based out of London. Additionally, Graham has held high ranking positions at numerous well-known banks such as HSBC, Caliburn Capital, and Coutts Bank.

Archax Partnerships

In September 2018, Archax announced a strategic partnership with Aquis Technologies. Aquis provides the Archax platform with a complete suite of exchange tools including operations, services, and access to the well-respected Aquis Matching Engine (AME). The partnership strengthens Archax's positioning in the market significantly.

A More Secure Crypto Experience

Archax develops believe they have the solution to the current lack of traditional investment funds in the cryptomarket. Their unique approach is sure to provide many in the space with a more familiar approach towards investing.

Given the forwarding-looking stance of the Archax development team, coupled with their long list of experienced advisors, it shouldn't be too long before this platform is a major contender in the security token space.

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