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Leonovus to use RockTree during Security Token Offering




Leonovus to use RockTree during Security Token Offering

Leonovus enlists RockTree

Only days after announcing their plan to host an STO for project Galaxa, Leonovus is back in the news. This time, they have announced an agreement made with RockTree Capital Management.

The agreement will see RockTree Capital serve as a marketing platform of sorts. For example, via use of their presence throughout Asia, RockTree will connect Leonovus with appropriate, and interested, investors in the region.

Beyond forming bridges between issuer and investors, RockTree will also provide advisory services throughout the token creation, issuance, and distribution processes.


The CEOs of each company commented on the partnership discussed here today.

Omer Ozden, CEO of RockTree Capital, stated,

“We anticipate the Galaxa project will play a major role in the transformation of the digital marketplace over the coming years…As a pioneer in the international capital markets, RockTree is thrilled to continue to bridge North America and Asia by working with Leonovus as they leverage blockchain technology to transform the cloud computing marketplace as well as digital securities. Both big data and capital markets are undergoing a rapid digital evolution, and we are excited to partner with the Galaxa project cross-Pacific, as the global blockchain phenomenon continues to grow geometrically.”

Michael Gaffney, CEO of Leonovus, stated,

“I believe that Leonovus is at the forefront of the tokenization of securities. Indeed, our vision of the Galaxa project could not be achieved without tokenization. The evolution from the wild west of the ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) of the last several years to STOs (Security Token Offerings) was very much needed. Having spent the last twenty years running public companies I am very excited that Leonovus is expected to be one of the first public companies in the world to complete an STO…The addition of RockTree to the team adds expertise in raising funds for token projects and provides the Galaxa project global reach. RockTree has already been involved in over sixty (60) token projects. Being able to identify investors that have the same STO vision as Leonovus is very beneficial.”


RockTree Capital Management is based out of Beijing, and was founded in 2010. Above all, the company specializes in providing banking services tailored towards transactions between Western and Eastern worlds. Omer Ozden spearheads company operations, as the CEO.  He is a veteran in the world of finance, with over 2 decades of experience.


Leonovus is based out of Ottawa, and was founded in 2010. Above all, Leonovus strives to provide storage solutions on an enterprise level. For instance, Leonovus is able to offer multiple variants of storage, ranging from on-site to cloud. Leonovus is led by CEO, Michael Gaffney – an expert in the world of technology services, boasting 3 decades of experience.

In Other News

We recently reported on Leonovus, as they made their initial announcement indicating a transition from an ICO to and STO. To learn more about why the company finds themselves where they are today, read the article below!

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