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Good Life Networks Partners with Globex on AR Media Platform

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Good Life Networks Partners with Globex AR

The Vancouver-based digital advertising firm, Good Life Networks (GLN), announced the signing of an MOU regarding a partnership with the blockchain firm Globex this month. The partnership will further GLN's expansion into privacy oriented securitized products utilizing Globex's blockchain software solutions. If successful, GLN's new strategy has the potential to revolutionize the digital advertising space.

Good Life Networks – AR Media

GLN seeks to utilize a blockchain-based system to integrate its augmented reality (AR) platform into the market. Think of augmented reality as a digital overlay that resides atop the real world. Users can interact with real-world items and receive additional data via the AR.

This technology is at the center of the advertising revolution. It's no secret that the digital advertising space continues to get more congested. For the first time in history, digital ad spending is set to surpass traditional forms of marketing according to a recent report. This congestion drives advertisers to seek out more effective strategies – enter AR.

Good Life Networks via Twitter

Good Life Networks via Twitter

AR Scenarios

Augmented reality is nothing short of futuristic. For example, imagine that you are shopping in your local mall. In an AR-based system, every item you look at could potentially unlock more information regarding the item. If you see a TV set that you are interested in, simply point your phone at the item. The AR can give you all the specifications instantly, along with any discounts, and specials available at that moment.

This marketing strategy can extend outside traditional marketplaces as well. In the next scenario imagine that your car just stopped working. You pop the hood and see that a hose is leaking. Now you whip out your phone and wait for your AR to explain to you what the part is, where you can find it, how to order it, and how to replace the unit. This isn't Sci-Fi, this technology already exists.

A More Secure and Efficient Experience

In a recent press release, the CEO of GLN, Jesse Dylan explained how his platform has the potential to change the marketing space forever.  He took a moment to discuss why GLN's platform is the next step in the evolution of the space before praising Globex for their part in the arrangement. According to Dylan, GLN possesses three main competitive edges.


The integration of blockchain technology allows the GLN network to operate faster than traditional AR marketing tactics that rely on CPU network speed.

Brand Safety

GLN users gain added security because the platform doesn't collect identifying information. This strategy is a unique approach to the current data scalping practices seen in the market currently.

Payment Solutions

GLN wants to reduce the turnaround time for AR media advertisers. Traditionally, AR media is paid in cycles which can range from 90 – 120 days. The use of a native cryptocurrency eliminates these delays and allows advertisers to be more responsive in their marketing approach.

GLN Token

The GLN Token is compatible with the ERC-20 standard. Specifically, the token functions within Globex's integrated blockchain software applications. This software ensures that all GLN tokens remain compliant throughout their lifespans. Additionally, Tokenetics is to host the company’s future STO.

Good Life Networks is a First Mover

GLN appears to have a firm grasp on the market trends currently in motion. The GLN platform combines a number of sought after features to create a truly unique advertising experience for both users and marketers. You should expect to hear more from these developers as their platform continues to reach new heights.

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