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AMLCop Functionality Expanded Upon by Globex

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Prioritizing Security

Globex has recently announced a new solution for ensuring AML compliance. This is integrated in, and expands upon, the functionality already offered through the company’s ‘AMLCop’.

The new feature-set allows for real-time, continual scanning of ETH based wallets. The purpose of this scanning is to compare them against a growing database of addresses known for scams, hacks, and more. To date, the database is comprised of over 12,000 wallets, and continues to grow in time.

By gaining this ability, users of AMLCop are able to take part in preventative, rather than reactive, measures.


With regulatory compliance, a focal point in the digital securities sector, solutions such as AMLCop are welcomed services by many. This offering by Globex is tailor built to streamline the process surrounding anti-money laundering, as its name would imply.

The following is an infographic created by Globex to illustrate how the service works in a simple manner.

Globex Releases AMLCop – An Anti-Money Laundering Screening Solution


Upon announcing this upgrade to AMLCop, multiple representatives from Globex took the time to comment. The following is what each had to say on the development.

Brian Collins, CEO of Globex, stated,

“With regulatory pressure in the U.S. and a new global standard for AML presented by the FATF, compliance can no longer take a backseat…We are thrilled to provide our clients with new and relevant search criteria to enhance AML efforts and protect market participants from bad actors.”

Mark Elenowitz, President of Globex, stated,

“Through AMLCop’s hosted web portal, companies can run unlimited checks, and re-checks, against the database, manage flagged individuals, and maintain timestamped reports of all AML verifications on the Ethereum public blockchain…Adding Ethereum wallet monitoring continues our vision of providing the blockchain and financial community with a true one-stop solution for blockchain compliance.”

Speaking with Brian

In an effort to gain a better understanding of Globex and their aspirations, we recently had the pleasure of having a discussion with Globex CEO, Brian Collins. Make sure to read the exclusive interview to learn about what Globex can offer; from secondary markets to security solutions, and more.

Interview Series – Brian Collins, CEO of Horizon Globex


Founded in 2010, Globex operates as a ‘software-as-a-solution (SaaS)’ company out of Zug ‘crypto valley’, Switzerland.

CEO, Brian Collins, currently oversees company operations.

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