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Earn Expands on App Functionality with Globex Service Integration

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Earn Integration

A pairing of companies, Earn.RE and Globex, have recently announced a new licensing agreement. This agreement will see the later integrate multiple services, AMLCop and KYCWare, into a newly developed smartphone app for Earn.RE.

The purpose of this is to streamline the investor onboarding process, while enhancing the veracity of investor’s claims. This is done through looking at a variety of details provided by investors, and fact checking the information against a series of databases.

Earn.RE sought out this deal, as they are in the midst of developing a platform tailored towards the trading of commercial real estate, backed digital securities.

AMLCop & KYCWare

While Globex offers a variety of services to players within the digital securities sector, two in particular are hot commodities. These are known as the aforementioned, AMLCop and KYCWare.

Each of these solutions were developed in an effort to address issues surrounding the onboarding of investors. This is an area growing in demand, as various platforms supporting digital securities look to go online.

As their names suggest, AMLCop addresses anti-money laundering, while KYCWare addresses know-your-client requirements.

We recently took a closer look at AMLCop, in particular, in the following article. Make sure to read up on the various functionalities afforded by the offering.

AMLCop Functionality Expanded Upon by Globex


The CEO of each, Globex and Earn, took the time to share their thoughts on compliance, and the importance of investor onboarding.

Brian Collins, CEO of Globex, stated,

“We believe the future of compliance is going to be powered by blockchain technology…This is why we’ve built our KYC/AML blockchain solutions, to equip regulated entities with the tools needed to maintain compliance and transparency while properly managing investors’ sensitive data.”

Aaron Lohmann, CEO of Earn, stated,

“Earn is committed to ensuring our users have access to the latest tools available to enhance their real estate financing and investment experience…Globex’s blockchain solutions further our vision by enabling us to provide a high-tech, high-touch onboarding experience from the very start.”

Speaking with Brian

We recently had the pleasure of completing an exclusive interview with the CEO of Globex, Brian Collins. In this interview, Brian discusses current offerings by the company, in addition to where they are headed in the years to come.

Interview Series – Brian Collins, CEO of Globex


Operating out of Zug, Switzerland, Globex is a ‘software-as-a-solution (SaaS) provider, which was founded in 2010. With the growing demand of development of blockchain based solutions, Globex has increasingly focused on the burgeoning sector, creating a variety of tailored solutions – including AMLCop.

CEO, Brian Collins, currently oversees company operations.


Operating out of New York, NY, Earn.RE is a blockchain company which was founded in 2019. The team at Earn is developing a platform tailor built to serve as a means to serve digital assets backed by commercial real estate.

CEO, Aaron Lohmann, currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

With Globex being one of the most active industry participants, it should come as no surprise that we have covered their actions on various occasions. The following articles take a look at both, the company itself and recent strides taken.

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