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Vertalo is a promising company which is has worked diligently to provide the digital securities sector with a suite of services needed by all.  Their suite of services targets not only investors, but token issuers as well.

These services include the ability for investors to create profiles, verifying their status as an accredited investor.  This status is then shared with token issuers hosting token generation events.

For the issuer, Vertalo provides both cap-table management, and access to a pool of investors, filtered by those qualified for the event.

Cumulatively, the suite of services offered by Vertalo allow for the tokenization of any asset, and subsequent storage and trading – a comprehensive offering.

To date, Vertalo has seen a higher level of adoption than most within the industry.  Since launch, they have managed to establish alliances with various companies, including Securrency, Issuance, Entoro, and more.

Vertalo is an Austin, Texas, based company, which was founded in 2017.  Company operations are overseen by CEO, Dave Hendricks.

Company Details

Company Name
Vertalo SEZC
Company Type
Special Economic Zone Company

Contact Details

Business Address
515 Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701
United States
Phone Number


Jan 30, 2019
Pre Seed Round

Team Members

Name: Dave Hendricks
Position: CEO
Name: Gautam Gujral
Position: Co-Founder and General Counsel
Name: Jacobus Boersma
Position: Marketing
Name: William Baxter
Position: Co-Founder & CTO

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