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Vertalo announces launch of ‘Lifecycle Management Platform’

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Digital Asset Lifecycle Management Platform

Vertalo has officially launched their anticipated Lifecycle Management Platform. This platform represents a variety of services tailored towards digital securities.  The following are a few of these services which are offered with the intent to save its users money.

  • Digital asset cap table management
  • Investor onboarding and registration
  • Digital asset compliance and token transfers
  • ICO remediation and restitution

By taking these particular workloads off the plate of various companies, Vertalo is able to save them both time and money. In other words, this is achievable due to Vertalo’s specialized approach, which allows them to complete such tasks with a practiced and efficient approach to each.

Vertalo in the News

In recent months, we have reported on Vertalo numerous times. In this time, Vertalo has established signed partnerships with various market leading companies.

In addition, Vertalo also indicates that they have more partnerships in the pipeline that have not yet been announced.

Predictions from a Founder

On the back of the Platform launch, Vertalo’s founder and CEO, Dave Hendricks, has recently released 10 predictions for 2019.  Here is a list, accompanied by his confidence level in each prediction.

PredictionLikelihood of Occurrence
1.       A large bank will enter into the crypto custody business.100%
2.       Several traditional broker-dealers will open ATSs for STO trading.100%
3.       2017 ICOs issued in the U.S. will be the first security tokens traded on exchanges.99%
4.       Asian investors and funds will pivot to the U.S. to invest in digital assets.95%
5.       The SEC will approve several Reg A+ deals related to tokens.90%
6.       ‘Legacy’ financial institutions will become digital asset infrastructure buyers.90%
7.       Ethereum will lose ground as the predominant platform for the next generation of coin offerings.70%
8.       Regional authorities will increasingly match U.S. crypto policies and may surpass the U.S. in STO activity.60%
9.       Tokens will be traded on ‘major’ exchanges in addition to new broker-dealer operated Automated Trading Systems.50%
10.   Rules related to accredited investor requirements will be relaxed.1%

*for full details on predictions by Dave Hendricks, check out his recently penned article here*


Vertalo was founded in 2017, and is based out of Austin, Texas. Above all, they specialize in both compliance and communication services, for companies based on blockchain.

Founder Dave Hendricks has commented in the past that Vertalo is not and end-to-end platform, but rather a complementary one. He has stated, “Vertalo is not an ‘end-to-end’ solution; rather we complement service providers in the digital securities community, enabling them to do what they do best – whether that is issue tokens, raise or custody funds, or manage secondary trading of tokens.  By connecting with service providers, and placing proof of ownership and trade eligibility in the wallets of investors, Vertalo delivers on the promise of decentralization for issuers and investors in digital securities, while enabling compliance with securities laws and disclosure requirements”

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