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Top 12 Cryptos that could Soar 300% or More once the Bulls Replace the Bears




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Top 12 Cryptos that could Soar 300% or More once the Bulls Replace the Bears

The crypto industry is currently still deep in the bearish market which started in November 2021. Many believe that the currently ongoing price crash is simply a correction caused by a year and a half of price surges witnessed throughout 2020 and 2021, in which case, the crypto industry is still searching for the bottom. However, the cycle will undoubtedly continue, and once it does, the prices will be bouncing right back up.

While the timing is important, the more important thing is which projects you are investing in. While it is true that the next bull run will allow most, if not all cryptos to go up, the goal of every investor should be to try to identify the coins that will skyrocket the most and see the greatest gains. With that being the case, we have prepared a list of the top 12 cryptos that experts seem to be excited about. While there is no guarantee that they will actually see a 300% surge, we believe that they are among those with the highest potential to skyrocket. With that said, here are the coins we recommend keeping an eye on.

1. Dogecoin

The first on our list is Dogecoin, which is a memecoin that launched all the way back in 2013. In fact, DOGE is the original memecoin that emerged back in the day when the crypto industry was at a crossroads and threatening to go down a very dark path. DOGE’s creators decided to make a joke cryptocurrency to help lighten the mood in the industry, and whether DOGE had something to do with it or not, it worked.

However, Dogecoin was not meant to survive more than a few months, so the fact that it lives on today as one of the biggest and most popular cryptos is quite impressive.

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2. Solana

Moving on, we have Solana — a project that was created to offer a much faster and more scalable blockchain for smart contracts, dApps, DeFi, and alike. Solana’s developers noticed the struggles that Ethereum was facing, and realized that the crypto world needs an alternative.

By creating Solana, they made the most scalable blockchain in the industry, that can easily process 100,000 TPS, and it only starts struggling at 400,000 TPS. As such, many see Solana as the go-to development platform that might end up becoming the long-awaited ‘Ethereum killer.’

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3. Cardano

Cardano is a project that launched years ago, with 5 massive development stages called Eras making up its roadmap. So far, the project only managed to complete 2 of them, although it is still sticking to its schedule quite accurately. The second phase, called the Shelley Era, ended in late 2021, and it means a massive change for the project as it finally enabled smart contracts.

Now officially a development platform, Cardano immediately started getting new projects developed on its network, including dApps, DEXes, DeFi protocols, and more. Unfortunately, its price did not manage to react before the bear market hit, so we expect a massive surge once the bulls take over.

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4. Helium

Moving on to the fourth spot, we have Helium. This is a project that aims to provide low-powered wireless devices to connect to one another using its network of nodes and send data safely and quickly. It is primarily targeting various IoT devices, such as sensors of different kinds, which can provide valuable real-world data in real-time, and deliver it to services that require it, or feed it into algorithms that can then use it for measuring the environmental conditions, and alike.

It allows users to connect their own devices, known as Hotspots and allows them to boost the network in order for other devices to be able to reach it.

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5. Binance Coin

The fifth on our list is Binance Coin, or BNB, as it is now called. This is the native cryptocurrency of the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, Binance. Binance has two blockchains — Binance Chain, and Binance Smart Chain, with BSC being Binance’s own version of Ethereum.

It is much faster and more scalable than the ETH network, and it is being used for the development of various dApps, DeFi protocols, NFTs, and more, thus giving BNB — which is used to power it all — plenty of use cases.

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6. Band Protocol

Halfway down the list, we have Band Protocol. This is a decentralized oracle network, and it works similarly to Chainlink. However, Chainlink is bound to the Ethereum network, and as such, it shares its limitations. Band Protocol, on the other hand, runs on a much more scalable Cosmos blockchain.

Like Chainlink, Band’s value lies in its ability to harness data from off-chain sources, check its authenticity, and then deliver it to the blockchain. It then offers it to smart contracts and dApps, which use it to perform in real-time with great accuracy.

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7. MyNeighborAlice

Next up, we have MyNeighborAlice. This is a blockchain-based metaverse game that was inspired by the popular game Animal Crossing. Essentially, the game allows users to purchase their own island in the form of NFTs, and then go around, collect resources, and use them to build various items.

The game features P2E elements, meaning that you can earn ALICE tokens by playing and participating in various contests and alike. Also, it is very user-friendly and mindful of users not familiar with blockchain. All interactions with the blockchain go indirectly, through an in-game character called Alice, which is a good way to remove the intimidating element of blockchain technology.

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8. Decentraland

Then, we have Decentraland. This is possibly the oldest metaverse project in the industry, and it allows users to purchase a digital plot of land. However, unlike MyNeighborAlice, this is not a game, but a project where owning land gives you much greater options. You can start a business, develop software, build games, rent it out to others and earn from the “rent” they pay, and even organize events, meetups, and alike.

Decentraland is by far the largest metaverse project, but with the metaverse still in its infancy, we expect a lot of growth and development from this project in years to come.

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9. Zilliqa

The ninth on our list is Zilliqa, a project that claims to be the world’s first public blockchain that relies entirely on a shared network. Because of this, it can achieve high throughput, as well as a higher TPS rate. It claims that this allows it to completely solve the scalability issue, thanks to the fact that each shard can process transactions individually.

As the network continues to grow, and the number of shards keeps growing alongside it, the number of transactions that can be processed per second is bound to only get higher and higher, potentially making Zilliqa the future of crypto payments.

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10. Gala Games

In the tenth spot, we have Gala Games, which is a gaming project that aims to revolutionize the gaming industry. Essentially, Gala Games believes that it is unfair that users do not get to truly own the games that they purchase. Purchasing digital copies means that those games can still be taken from them at any time, and the same is true for any additional gaming content that you buy.

Gala Games decided to employ NFTs to ensure that users who purchase something will be real and true owners of the item, be it a full game or additional content.

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11. Dent

Dent is a revolutionary digital mobile operator offering eSIM cards, mobile data plans, call minutes top-ups, and more. The project started employing blockchain in order to create a global marketplace for mobile data liberalization.

The project is certainly ambitious, but its idea has already attracted dozens of millions of mobile users, and it managed to spread its services to over 140 countries. It even managed to partner up with the likes of Samsung Blockchain, Telecom Infra, and The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

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12. Illuvium

Finally, we have Illuvium, which calls itself the first AAA game on Ethereum. The project is similar to the Pokemon games, where players can run around its vast and rich metaverse, battle creatures called Illuvials, and after beating them, nurse them back to health. After that, the defeated Illuvial joins the player and starts traveling with them, battling others on the player’s behalf, and more.

Illuvium is one of the most anticipated projects, and the demos and gameplay that it released so far have captivated the attention of fans and critics alike, which is why we have great expectations for this metaverse game.

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With that, we conclude our list. As mentioned earlier, we cannot guarantee that these coins and tokens will truly live up to our expectations. But, judging from what we have seen, they do have the potential for it. With that said, we recommend doing your own research into the projects that seem interesting to you, and if you happen to share our excitement about them, keep a close eye on them, and maybe consider investing while their prices are still sitting low.

Ali is a freelance writer covering the cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain industry. He has 8 years of experience writing about cryptocurrencies, technology, and trading. His work can be found in various high-profile investment sites including CCN,, Bitcoinist, and NewsBTC.