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The Global Security Token Conference ft. MaxiMine

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Security Token Future Global Conference

On January 30, 2019 security token experts from across Asia converged in Singapore for the Security Token Future Conference. Here, industry leaders discussed the overall direction of the market including regulations, new use cases, and major players in the industry. By all accounts, the STO conference was a resounding success. Attendees of the conference could play a major role in guiding the Asian security token market.

Security Token Future Global Conference

The Security Token Future Global Conference featured a whos-who of the Asian security token sector.  The seminar included an open discussion panel. The panel consisted of some heavy crypto hitters such as Jack Chia (Blockchain Alliance), Nizam Ismail (RHTLaw), Edward Du (TALENTA), just to name a few. The one-day event also included several keynote speakers such as Nock Cowan (CEO GSX) and GITA Co-founder Mik Mironov.

The event sold out quickly. The venue was meant to accommodate only 300 people, but some exceptions were made for those that arrived after all the original seats were filled. The turnout demonstrates the growing importance of security tokens in the Asian market. Asia continues to dominate trading in the crypto sector. The introduction of security tokens is sure to expand the region's influence.

The event was made possible through a collaborative effort. Goldensand Capital, TALENTA, GITA, SMC Capital hosted the event. There were also a number of well-known sponsors of the event. The cloud-based mining platform MaxiMine was one of the main sponsors which captured the attention and imagination of the attendees. Additionally, IDCM, DSX, Galaxa , and RHTLaw all contributed to make the event a huge success.

MaxiMine via Twitter

MaxiMine via Twitter

MaxiMine had the main booth at the event where they showcased their cloud-based mining platform. The firm utilizes a fully transparent and highly-efficient mining protocol to reward their pool members. Unlike traditional cloud mining platforms, users are rewarded with hashing power for staking their tokens.

Hashing Power Credit

The hashing power credit system utilized by the MaxiMine platform functions similarly to a Proof-of-Stake algorithm such as the one used by the crypto NEO. Mining pool participants earn MaxiMine Coins for participating. These tokens are what users stake to earn free hashing power. Mining pools allow anyone to begin mining cryptocurrencies. It’s nearly impossible to mine Bitcoin nowadays without joining one of these highly-productive mining pools.

More Coins – More Options

One of the best features of the MaxiMine platform is the ability to mine multiple types of crypto. This is an excellent feature because Bitcoin mining equipment utilizes special ASIC cards which are only able to mine coins that share Bitcoin's SHA-256 algorithm. MaxiMine users can switch between a huge selection of cryptocurrencies without worrying about compatibility issues. This saves miners from having to purchase thousands in new mining equipment.

See Everyone Next Year

After such a great turnout, it’s no surprise that people want to know more about the next event. Events such as the Security Token Future Global Conference help to cultivate productive growth in the security token sector. Many in the cryptospace see security tokens as the logical next step in cryptocurrency adoption. These events help more people understand the importance of this revolutionary technology.

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