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Hashrate Asset Group Security Token Set to Go Live on INX.One




Digital securities platform INX has just announced that its clients will soon have access to a new asset, known as the Hashrate Asset Group ‘HAG' Bitcoin mining security token, through its marketplace ‘INX.One‘.

What is the HAG Security Token?

Mining BTC is a process which secures the Bitcoin network, processes transactions, and can be quite lucrative for those taking part.  However, due to the popularity of the worlds #1 digital asset it can a daunting task, both financially and logistically, to set up such an operation.  With that in mind, there are certain companies which strive to offload the responsibilities of mining from would-be participants while still providing exposure to the benefits of the practice.  One such company is Hashrate Asset Group with its security token ‘HAG'.

INX notes that, as a security token, HAG is registered with the SEC under a Reg D/S filing.  These regulated tokens provide eligible investors with a proportionate share of 70% of revenue derived from the mining efforts of Hashrate Asset Group itself.


Holders further benefit from monthly dividends, operational transparency through use of blockchain and third party audits, and more.


Upon announcing the pending listing of HAG security tokens, representatives from each INX and Hashrate Asset Group took the time the comment.

Chia-Ching Su, CFO of HAG, states,

“As more regulators actively engage with the crypto market after the recent crisis, fully compliant products such as security tokens will emerge as the biggest winners since they combine the best of both worlds – traditional and digital…At the same time, Bitcoin has always held an irreplaceable position in the crypto world and is one of the crypto assets with the most investment potential. HAG hopes to provide greater access for investors to the Web3 field and enjoy the appreciation of Bitcoin through mining. We believe that the INX platform is the very best place to help us achieve this remarkable milestone.”

Shy Datika, CEO of INX, states,

“We are excited to offer HAG's security token on the unified INX.One platform. HAG is delivering access to the Bitcoin mining sector – doing it in a secure and regulated way…Until now, only a selected group of investors could reap the benefits from these types of opportunities. By democratizing alternative investments, investors from all over the world are able to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities that are available through digital assets like HAG.”


The platform on which HAG tokens will be listed and available to trade is known as ‘ONE'.  It is a comprehensive offering tailor built for digital securities.  It facilitates not only asset trading, but also capital raises through token offerings, asset issuance, and more.

INX notes that it is able to offer its comprehensive platform through its various licenses which allow it to operate as a transfer agent, broker/dealer, and alternative trading system (ATS).

In Other News

For those interested in gaining exposure to BTC mining hashrate, HAG tokens are not the only option on the market.  A similar security token, BMN1, which is distributed by Blockstream is another popular option.  Like HAG, these tokens provide holders with rights to a share of revenue derived from mining operations, proportionate to holdings.  We recently highlighted BMN1 tokens, as they managed to outperform BTC in Q3 of 2022.