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CIS & Token Summit Announce Main Sponsor – Fincross

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Fincross Sponsors Security Token Summit and CIS

Exciting developments in the STO space this week as the digital asset bank, Fincross International, officially is the main sponsor for both the CIS and Security Token Summit conferences this month. Both STO conferences are hosted in Los Angeles and are considered among the largest blockchain events held yearly. As the main sponsor of these events, Fincross International is now center stage in the cryptocommunity.

CIS – Blockchain Technology Innovation

The CIS conference is held on April 9-10 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The event is huge with over 3500 attendees. There are also over 100 blockchain professionals speaking at this year’s two-day event. Learn from some of the best in the industry including Jenny Shaver (SALT), Tim Draper, and Charlie Lee, just to name a few.

Security Token Summit

The Security Token Summit is one of the largest securities based blockchain conferences in existence. This event commences on April 8 from 7:30 AM – 7:30 PM. The conference will cover multiple topics in the security token space including custody, issuance, broker-dealer, trading, compliance, and legal concerns. The event features a plethora of industry leaders including Joshua Rivera (Blockchain Capital), Greg Gilman (Science-Inc), and Amy Wan (Sagewise).


Fincross International

Fincross is a hybrid investment firm which covers both traditional and digital assets. The company has been a driving force behind further blockchain tech integration. Currently, the firm operates out of Mauritius where it is federally regulated. As a regulated institution, Fincross is able to provide clients with a broad range of exclusive products.

Speaking on the sponsorship, Fincross' deputy CEO, Henry James, described the excitement surrounding the upcoming events. James took a moment to explain how his new platform serves a “diverse group of clients” ranging from huge international investment firms, down to individuals seeking more protections in the digital asset space.

New Age Banking

Fincross international combines traditional banking systems with new digital technologies. The company utilizes a purpose-built Distributed Bank Ledger (DBL) to provide clients with a more efficient and secure alternative to current options. Also, the platform merges the trading of traditional assets with tokenized digital assets.

Protecting Your Crypto

In addition to management and storage services, Fincross seeks to develop a crypto insurance platform to complement its existing system. Crypto insurance platforms continue to see growth as the industry adjusts to the entrance of security tokens. These firms allow investors to receive the same type of protection found in traditional investments.

Fincross Market Makers

Additionally, Fincross developers acknowledged work on a platform extension specifically designed to help blockchain investors find quality STOs. This strategy allows Fincross to create an exclusive blockchain ecosystem. Here, accredited investors can locate verified STOs.

Advance Your Skills

Both of these conferences are a great opportunity for interested parties to advance their understanding of the industry. As the main sponsor for both events, you can expect to see a lot of information regarding Fincross International and all the digital asset related services they provide.

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