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Conference Partnerships

Promote Your Conference with is a news and investment platform that specializes in Defi, Digital Assets, Digital Securities,  Forex, Fintech, Investments & Stocks.

Below is what we offer conference organizers.

Conference Listing:

We offer a number of conference listing pages that are segregated by industry. We currently feature conferences in the following industries:

Our Logo:

In return we expect our logo with a link to our website to be displayed on the media partners section of your website. Our logo should also be listed in any print brochure or media that features media partnerships.

Our logo can be accessed from this page.

Conference Passes:

We expect 2 complimentary conference passes which may or may not be used depending on our schedule.

Discount Codes:

We will increase coverage of your conference with discount codes. In order to do this the discount code must be unique to our website.


If we are paid commission on sales we will feature your listing in BOLD and we will further promote your conference by using logos and banners below and above the conference schedule.

Let's get started:

We only partner with conferences that we believe in. Please contact us.