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Promote Your Conference with is a news and token listing platform that specializes in security tokens. We are rapidly becoming a market leader in our space. We aim to enable investors to source new STOs, by aggregating the data that they need to make informed investing decisions.

Below is what we offer conference organizers.

Conference Listing:

We offer a conference listing service on this page. Below this is what it looks like:

Press Releases:

We will post press releases regarding your conference. These will be circulated on our homepage, most interior pages, and will be permanently accessible on our conference page.

A maximum of 3 press releases per listing.

Below is an example of a press release on our conference page.

Our Logo:

In return we expect our logo with a link to our website to be displayed on the media partners section of your website. Our logo should also be listed in any print brochure or media that features media partnerships.

Our logo can be accessed from this page.

Sessions on Security Tokens:

Since our website is exclusive to tokenized securities, your conference should have content devoted to this vertical.

Let’s get started:

We only partner with conferences that we believe in. Please contact us.


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