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Security Token Market’s ‘Web3-Enabled’ Tokenized Crowdfund Goes Live

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As of July 6th, Security Token Market's long-anticipated crowdfunding campaign, has gone live.  News of this campaign was first broken at the tail-end of 2021, with the company setting out to gauge interest within the market.  With what was evidently a resounding ‘YES!' from digital asset investors, Security Token Market (STM) got to work and structured what it is calling, “The first Web3-enabled crowdfund.”

Details of the Event

As a tokenized crowdfunding event, STM is set to simultaneously showcase and leverage the very technology which it promotes and supports – the tokenization of securities.  The structuring of this crowdfunding campaign was made possible through multiple strategic partnerships.

  • Securitize – a market leading broker/dealer set to host the event through its campaign platform
  • Avalanche – a smart contract enabled blockchain boasting efficient, fast, and low cost transactions.

By utilizing this particular blockchain, STM indicates that, “Investors can utilize the Avalanche platform to sign smart contracts on the blockchain using their wallet addresses instead of traditional physical signatures, making this transparent and scalable. Investors will additionally have the option to hold tokens in their MetaMask wallet.”

Per the STM pitch deck, this event will see tokens sold under the ticker ‘STM'.  The company is hoping to raise a total of $1,070,000, with access given to both U.S. and International investors alike for as little as $100.

Goals for the Raise

Moving foward, STM has big plans for the capital it intends on raising, highlighted by the launch of a trading and analysis platform scheduled for late 2022.  This is in addition to a continued expansion of its already established services, which have seen STM grow in to an authority on metrics surrounding security tokens.

Currently, STM notes that it tracks and provides metrics on over 200 tokenized securities, in addition to over 500 ongoing security token offerings (STOs).  This activity allows for useful insights in to market activity, allowing for a unique look at arbitrage opportunities across its various tracked marketplaces.

In Other News

For those already interested in digital securities, or have just now had your interest piqued by STM, make sure to check out a recent contribution to our ‘Thought Leaders' series by none other than Vertalo CEO & Founder, Dave Hendricks.  In this must-read piece, a brief look is taken at the evolution of digital securities, and the potential they hold for the future of digital assets overall.