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Web3 Foundation is Launching Polkadot and Web3 Courses on edX



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Web3 Foundation is Launching Polkadot and Web3 Courses on edX

According to the recent announcement by the Web3 Foundation, the organization has entered a new partnership with a leading global learning platform, edX. As a result of the partnership, the platform will launch four new courses on Polkadot, Web3, Web3x, and blockchain technology in general.

The announcement was also shared on Twitter by Polkadot’s Gavin Wood, who noted that the move means that even more education regarding Polkadot and Substrate is on the way.

World’s leading learning platform got four blockchain courses

Launching new courses on edX carries great potential for Polkadot and great value for those who wish to educate themselves about Polkadot’s network, blockchain, and Web3. The platform emerged as an education movement for restless learners, and since then, it has become a global leader when it comes to online learning.

edX, alongside many of the world’s top-ranking universities and companies, brought world-class education to more than 45 million people seeking education about emerging technologies. Many who have developed entire careers in various sectors have started their journey by taking a course here, as the platform offers everything, from free courses to full degrees.

It is a mission-driven organization, with the mission being a commitment to transforming traditional education and removing the barriers that stand between people and education, including access, location, and cost. This is the organization that Web3 Foundation has teamed up with in order to launch the four mentioned courses.

In its announcement, Web3 Foundation shared that the courses cover fundamentals of Polkadot’s technology, as well as those of blockchain, in general. When it comes to Polkadot, however, this includes major points of interest, such as the Substrate blockchain framework, as well as its native programming language, Rust.

The courses are free and open for enrollment

The courses are already open for enrollment, while the learning is scheduled to start before the month runs out — on October 27th of this year. They will be free to try, and they are built in a way that makes them entirely novice-friendly. This means that even those who have no prior experience or knowledge of Polkadot or blockchain technology are free to take them for free, and it will be useful and educational for them.

The founder of edX and 2U Chief Platform Officer, Anant Agarwal, commented on the new development, saying that the platform is excited to welcome Web3 Foundation and that the two have a lot in common, including their dedication to increasing access to educational opportunities, meant to help learners unlock their potential in fields like blockchain.

Not only that, but Agarwal also hinted at additional courses that might go live in the future. Meanwhile, Web3 Foundation’s CEO, Bertrand Perez, said that education is one of the most important pillars for Web3, and that it is extremely important for this technology, and Polkadot itself, to help guide the next generation of talent builders, developers, and entrepreneurs.

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