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Vertalo and tZERO See Influx of Talent as Multiple Hirings are Made

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Active Recruitment / Hirings

A company and their offerings are only as good as the team behind them. Over the past few days we have seen multiple companies within the digital securities sector announce the acquisition / hirings of new talent.

The experience brought forth by these acquisitions speaks volumes to the quality of projects they are transitioning to. Vertalo and tZERO are making themselves heard, with the progress being made from, both, a development and personnel standpoint.

The Talent

The names of the individuals involved in these moves are noteworthy, not just because of the companies that they will be working with, but where they are coming from. Here is a brief look at those individuals on the move, and where they are coming from.


This United States based, ‘digital asset management platform’, has on-boarded two individuals. One as an advisor, and the other as staff.

  • Thomas McInerney, Vice President of Product
    • With the digital securities sector being as young as it is, very few individuals boast the experience that Thomas McInerney does. He is transitioning to Vertalo after successfully completing his role as a Co-founder and CPO at OpenFinanceNetwork.
  • Tim Reynders
    • As a Founder, and previous COO, of industry leading Securitize, Tim Reynders is perfectly suited to assume the role of an advisor for Vertalo.

As busy as Vertalo has been, tZERO may have been even busier in accumulating talent over the past few weeks. This United States based, FinTech company, has lured a trio of individuals to the company, with new positions being created for each.

  • Brooke Navarro, Head of Issuance
    • Brooke Navarro joins the tZERO team after a 10 year stint as the Managing Director at Barclays Investment Bank. This previous role makes her perfectly suited for her new one, as tZERO looks to further establish growth in the sector.
  • Alexandra Sotiropoulos, Head of Communications
    • As a past employee of Intermarket, Alexandra Sotiropoulos was able to gain experience working with a PR and Marketing firm which services a variety of industries.
  • Michael Mougias, Head of Investor Relations
    • IMAX, the Canadian film technology company, saw their VP of Investor Relations, Michael Mougias, make the move to tZERO. This transition will see him assume the same title, and a similar role, within the tZERO team.


Upon announcing the acquisition / hirings of new talent, representatives from each, tZERO and Vertalo, took the time to comment. The following is what each had to say regarding these moves.

Saum Noursalehi, CEO of tZERO, stated,

“These appointments are vital to our long-term strategy. On the issuance front, Brooke will drive strategic development of our security token ecosystem by focusing on the supply-side of the equation — working with issuers to bring more quality assets to the PRO Securities ATS. Mike and Alex will spearhead our efforts to continue to develop strategic market positioning for tZERO and engage with current and prospective investors, analysts, media and other tZERO stakeholders. These newly formed roles at tZERO round out the management team and are key to ensuring our continued success. I am proud of the milestones that we have achieved already this year and look forward to what will be achieved through the acquisition of such strong talent.”

Thomas McInerney, VP of Product at Vertalo, stated,

“Improving onboarding is an issue that resonates strongly for me.  I am excited to help Vertalo make digital asset issuance, investment, and trading cost-effective and convenient for issuers and investors. Vertalo's mission – to simplify the investment in, and management of, digital assets – aligns with my experience building and launching OpenFinance. The team at Vertalo is committed to growing and connecting the digital asset ecosystem through partnerships and technology that will transform finance.”

In Other News

Both Vertalo and tZERO are regulars among our newsfeed, prior to these hirings. Each company has played a vital role in the development of the digital securities sector, to date. For the industry to continue maturing, more companies need to be as active in the development of the services they offer. Here are a few articles detailing recent events pertaining to each of these companies.

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