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Vertalo to Integrate Digital Asset Managment Platform with Hedera Hashgraph




Hashgraph Integration

Vertalo has just announced that they are currently working towards integrating their own services with Hedera Hashgraph.

The cap table software, built by Vertalo, utilizes a distributed ledger as the ‘core database system’. By integrating with Hedera Hashgraph, Vertalo gains access to a fair, secure, scalable distributed ledger on top of which they can offer their services.

Vertalo notes that the scalability, and ability to govern the network, led to their decision for integration with Hedera Hashgraph. These two attributes are of particular importance in an industry that is both rapidly growing, and under intense scrutiny from regulatory bodies.


Upon making their announcement, representatives from each, Vertalo and Hedera, took the time to comment.

Dave Hendricks, CEO of Vertalo, states,

“Hedera Hashgraph represents the kind of technology that Vertalo – and the market – require to deliver a trusted solution for a growing global client base…As more assets move from centralized databases and spreadsheets onto distributed ledgers, the underlying infrastructure needs to scale along with it. Vertalo has chosen to build on Hedera Hashgraph because we require technology that can not only process at higher rates than earlier DLTs, but that also comes with an improved governance model that reflect our values and those of our clients.”

Jordan Fried, SVP of Business Development at Hedera, states,

“Vertalo’s digital asset lifecycle management platform is helping to solve some of the most crucial challenges facing the digital asset economy today. We are pleased that they have selected to build their platform on top of Hedera Hashgraph, to give customers the security, fairness and trust that are crucial for these kinds of services.”


Vertalo is a U.S based company, which was founded in 2017, by Dave Hendricks. Above all, Vertalo works to provide the digital securities sector with needed solutions. This entails services surrounding cap-tables, investor onboarding, compliance adherence, and more.

CEO, Dave Hendricks currently oversees company operations.  Earlier this year, we interviewed Dave Hendricks to learn more about Vertalo, and the industry at large.

Interview Series – Dave Hendricks, CEO of Vertalo.

Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera Hashgraph, which was founded in 2017, maintains headquarters in Texas. The team at Hedera works to develop an industry leading, decentralized public network. The goal of this endeavour is to provide the public with access to a secure network which supports, not only a cryptocurrency, but the implementation of smart-contracts, file services, and consensus solutions.

CEO, Mance Harmon currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

With the news discussed here today, Vertalo continues to be one of the busiest companies around. Over the past few months, this young company has made various partnerships and service developments. Here is a further look at some of the things Vertalo has been up to.

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