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US Capital Global to Utilize Services by Vertalo

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Cap Table Adoption

It was recently announced that Vertalo and US Global Capital have partnered together. This partnership was established with the goals of increased adoption (Vertalo) and increased versatility (US Global Capital).

Recognizing the benefits that Vertalo’s complementary services could offer them, US Global Capital will now have the ability to offer these services to their existing and future clients. This means that the SMEs that US Global Capital caters to, will now be able to simplify the process of tokenization.

We have previously covered these services offered by Vertalo, as shown in the link below.

Vertalo announces launch of ‘Lifecycle Management Platform’


In their press release, the CEOs of both US Capital Global and Vertalo took the time to comment on the partnership discussed here. The following is what each had to say on the matter.

Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO of US Capital Global, stated,

“While digital ledger technology offers potential efficiency and liquidity improvements, now more than ever issuers and investors are concerned about compliance, due diligence, and asset value. Vertalo’s platform technology helps track, manage, and support the complete life cycle of digital securities.”

Dave Hendricks, CEO of Vertalo, stated,

“Based on deep strategic discussions with US Capital Global’s team on our shared vision, we’re focusing our partnership on simplicity as the key to success for smart securities. We’re excited to support US Capital Global in tokenizing their financial products and digitizing their cap tables, and in thereby leveraging this technology in their FinTech and RegTech strategy for their clients and customers…Significant impediments to the adoption of smart securities offerings by middle-market issuers are the high upfront costs, excess complexity, and opaque processes related to security ‘tokenization’. Vertalo issues its own security token in March 2019 because we couldn’t find a vendor with the tools we needed to originate and manage the offering over the long term. And Vertalo designed its platform so that broker-dealers and issuer clients have flexibility to issue their shares in the form of a digital asset when they were ready.”

US Capital Global

US Capital Global is an investment bank, headquartered in San Francisco. The company was founded over 20 years ago, with current operations overseen by CEO, Jeffrey Sweeney.

By specializing in both debt and equity solutions for SMEs, the integration of blockchain technologies, such as that afforded by Vertalo, stands to greatly aid the efficiency of their operations.


Vertalo is a Texan company that was founded by Dave Hendricks in 2017. In the time since their launch, Vertalo has gone on to establish a variety of high profile partnerships. This, along with on-going adoption of their cap-table services, and focus on digital securities, makes Vertalo a promising company with a bright future.

We are lucky to have spoken with Vertalo CEO, Dave Hendricks in the past, for a closer look at what Vertalo is, and what they offer. Check out the interview below to learn a little more!

Interview Series – Dave Hendricks, CEO & Cofounder of Vertalo

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