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Top 7 Altcoins that Might Explode in 2022




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Top 7 Altcoins that Might Explode in 2022

The cryptocurrency industry has been affecting the world for well over a decade now. It wasn’t always as strong or as well-known as it is today, but it carries a great potential to change the world for the better. This potential has been attracting people to crypto ever since the day Bitcoin itself was launched.

However, today, we are not interested in Bitcoin, but rather in the altcoin market. Specifically, in those cryptocurrencies that have the potential to blow up, provided that the crypto industry allows it. It is no secret that the market has been dominated by bearish influence since the very start of 2022. In fact, this is a trend that started in late 2021, so really, 2022 is only a continuation of it.

However, the crypto sector has seemingly reached its bottom earlier this year, and ever since then, a lot of coins have been trying to grow, pushed up by interest and demand that comes for a variety of reasons. If we assume that the market will soon allow this growth to take place, here are the coins and tokens that we expect will perform exceptionally well.

1. AIOZ Network

The first on our list is AIOZ Network, which is something called a CDN, or distributed Content Delivery Network. Essentially, it functions in a similar way as traditional CDNs. They belong to companies that deliver content such as videos, music, games, and alike, to different parts of the world by placing servers in different regions. Once a user tries to reach some of the content on offer, the content is sent to them from the server that is physically the closest to their location, thus ensuring that the quality and speed of the stream are at their best.

AIOZ Network does the same thing, only in a decentralized way. What this means is that it offers users a deal where they can provide their unused storage and bandwidth resources in order to create a vast, global CDN that can power streaming platforms anywhere in the world. Naturally, they will not do this for free, and in exchange, the project rewards them with its native token, AIOZ.

AIOZ’s distributed content delivery network represents a major shift in the way video will be streamed, and it stands to disrupt content-on-demand services such as Netflix, which is why we believe that there is great potential in this network.

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2. Solana

Next up, we have Solana. This is a blockchain platform featuring smart contracts, which aims to solve the common blockchain technology issues, particularly those of scalability and speed, which have troubled Ethereum for years now. With the capability to barely process 14 TPS, and at the same time, being the second-largest project in the crypto world, Ethereum is in a tough situation that has led to long waiting periods, and in turn, high transaction fees.

Solana believes that solving the problem of scalability — increasing its capabilities in order to meet demand — could solve all of these issues, which is why it created on of the fastest blockchains in the crypto industry.

Its chain is perfectly capable of processing up to 100,000 TPS, and its limit during testing ended up being around 400,000. At this point, the network started experiencing difficulties. However, this is more than enough to satisfy the demand, which is why Solana has grown to become a go-to project for all those users, developers, and even entire projects that have grown tired of paying for Ethereum’s overly-expensive transactions.

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3. Cardano

In the third spot, we have Cardano — a project with a similar goal as Solana — to offer a fast, scalable network with low-cost transactions where users would be able to come and engage with cryptocurrencies without having to pay a fortune or wait for hours or even days for their transactions to be processed.

Cardano is not a young coin any longer, as it launched a long time ago. However, its support for smart contracts is only around five months old as of April 2022. Cardano has spent years developing each detail of its network with extreme care, and so it is fairly new to the smart contract scene. However, as soon as it emerged, there has been a surge in dApp and DeFi activity, as new and existing projects all rushed to get the first-mover advantage on Cardano.

Unfortunately, the bear market hit right after Cardano launched its smart contracts, so it never got to reach its full value. This is why we expect it to skyrocket due to all the activity and new use cases as soon as the market allows it.

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4. Ethereum Push Notification Service

Halfway down the list, we have a project called Ethereum Push Notification Service, or EPNS, for short. This is a project that wishes to make it simpler for users to stay in touch with the new events and developments in the crypto world — at least when it comes to those that might impact their investments or trading positions.

Basically, the project decided that the crypto industry — the way it is right now — is not very practical when it comes to staying on top of the events that are happening around the clock. Each day, there is something new that has the potential to significantly impact the prices, and you would never know about it unless if you follow the market at all times. EPNS aims to start sending highly-customizable notifications to users’ wallet addresses, thus ensuring that they will get the information they need as soon as it becomes available.

It is not exactly a revolutionary concept, but it is something that the crypto world has been lacking, and as such, it is something that can change things for investors and traders going forward.

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5. Star Atlas

Star Atlas is one of the biggest and most advanced metaverse projects available right now. It is a blockchain-based game that allows users to select one of three playable factions, and compete against the other two in a search and exploitation of resources in the universe. More than that, however, the project uses a P2E model, similarly to most other metaverses. But, what it does differently from all others is the fact that it doesn’t simply stop at providing one way to earn.

Most projects will let you earn money by playing the game if you defeat others in battle, or if you find rare resources, if you complete daily tasks, or if you establish alliances with other groups, and alike. Star Atlas does all of that, and more, which is why it is one of the best gaming projects for having fun while playing, and earning exceptional profit at the same time.

It features a complex, but fun game, the ability to establish space stations, space ships, and even entire space cities as your alliances with other groups grow, and unlimited potential for exploring the cosmos and mining its riches. Essentially, it is a new approach to gaming, and also one that we expect will stick around and become quite successful.

6. Victoria VR

Moving on with the metaverse theme, we also have Victoria VR, which is a blockchain-based MMORPG that is created and owned by the users. The entire world of this game is built to be a single universal platform for games, virtual realities, decentralized apps, virtual galleries, quests, never-ending adventures, and more.

The project features its own economy, which makes it self-sustainable, and it is much more than just a game. Traditional businesses can enter its world in order to establish locations for themselves and sell or promote their goods and services, while entrepreneurs can launch new types of business models and become digital entrepreneurs. To put it simply, there are countless possibilities and opportunities with this project, all in the virtual world, which is why we expect it to become one of the leaders of the metaverse sector in due time.

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7. Render Token

Finally, the last on our list is a distributed GPU rendering network called Render Token. Render Token was created on Ethereum’s blockchain, and its goal is to connect artists and studios who need GPU computing power to those who can provide it. Basically, the project would invite people to come and offer their computing power and use it to mine rewards for themselves, and during the process, that same power will be used by artists and studios to render works of art for them.

In other words, it is a decentralized rendering service where community members from one group support those from the other group and end up getting rewards for doing it. It is direct, affordable, fast, and a rather disrupting project that will definitely climb up and see quite a bit of use.

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As you can see, there is no lack of cryptocurrencies that have excellent potential to go big in the near future. All they need is a spark to light up the market, and we believe that, once this happens, the mentioned coins and tokens might skyrocket, each for its own reason, but all without exception. Of course, we cannot guarantee that this will happen, or that the market will blow up in the near future. However, the current situation in the crypto market and beyond indicates that the coins and tokens listed above have great potential, which is what we based our list on.

Ali is a freelance writer covering the cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain industry. He has 8 years of experience writing about cryptocurrencies, technology, and trading. His work can be found in various high-profile investment sites including CCN,, Bitcoinist, and NewsBTC.