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Top 5 Altcoins That Are Going up Before the Year’s End

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It seems as if it was only yesterday that this year had started, and already, we are approaching its end. But, as eventful with good and bad as it was, there is still a little more to go before its end, and in these remaining few months, we expect to see some significant changes in the prices of a number of altcoins in the crypto industry.

So, if you have been looking to diversify your portfolio with a few more altcoins, check these out, and maybe give them a chance if you haven’t already. As always, note that these are not guaranteed to skyrocket, although it is highly expected from them based on either recent performance, recent, current, or upcoming developments, historical data, and alike.

1.  Ethereum

The first on the list is Ethereum (ETH) — the world’s largest altcoin and development platform for smart contracts, dApps, DeFi, NFTs, and more. The project has reached a new ATH earlier this year, but many expect to see an even bigger growth from the second-largest coin by market cap, as it has made several moves to bring Ethereum 2.0, including an upgrade that is meant to finally help reduce the project’s enormous gas fees.

With the upgrade, Ethereum made a big move that might finally stop both traders and developers from switching over to alternative blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain, which are simply cheaper, faster, and more convenient, and might get the edge it needs to maintain its position as the best platform and the largest altcoin.

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2.  Cardano

Cardano (ADA) is the immediate second, right after Ethereum and in many regards. It is the third-largest cryptocurrency, the second-largest altcoin, and the development platform with the most potential, at the moment. The project already skyrocketed earlier this week after a series of upgrades which brought it to the position that it holds right now. However, all of that was only preparation for what’s to come, as Cardano is about to integrate smart contracts into its mainnet in only 7 days.

Many assume that this will be a massive game-changer for ADA’s position, as it will grant it infinite new use cases, and make the demand skyrocket. And, as everyone knows, when there’s demand, the price surge is not far behind.

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3.  Dogecoin

While many would argue that Dogecoin (DOGE) already saw its 5 minutes of fame earlier this year, that might not have been the end of it. After all, Elon Musk is still a huge supporter of the coin, and he is still dropping DOGE references here and there, even though even the Anonymous hacktivists warned him to stop promoting a coin that is costing his fans money.

Musk’s plans for DOGE are only partially known to the public, with his upcoming DOGE-funded satellite launch being the best-known and the most incredible one thus far. DOGE’s popularity even skyrocketed so much that it inspired an entire trend of meme coins, of which there are now many that are trying to achieve similar levels of fame. Plus, the Dogecoin Foundation recently announced that it is back, and with great plans for the project, so the joke crypto might be worth keeping an eye on.

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4.  Solana

Solana’s native cryptocurrency, SOL, skyrocketed over the past 7 days, going up by 50%. Even in the last 24 hours, the coin has gone up by 18.77%, reaching a new all-time high after breaching the resistance at $100. This mostly happened because the project went all-in into DeFi and NFTs, the latter of which is believed to be pushing its price to brand-new heights right now, while even Bitcoin itself is struggling to go back to and beyond $50k.

With SOL entering the uncharted territories, there is no telling how high it can go in days and weeks to come, but so far, the coin’s performance has been quite impressive, especially since it managed to score the 8th spot on the list of largest cryptocurrencies by market cap.

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5.  Polkadot

Finally, there is Polkadot, which has made significant moves to advance its cross-chain transfers and expand them to include all types of assets, data, and more. In addition to its interoperability efforts, the project has seen a strong development of its DeFi sector, which puts it right on the path of becoming another significant competitor to Ethereum.

Of course, the project also has ambitions to become ‘the final word in blockchain,’ although blockchain technology is still years, if not decades away from reaching its full potential and its final form, so that, for now, remains a healthy ambition for some future period. Still, DOT has a good chance to see a significant price improvement, provided that it can grow back to its largest resistance at $28 and turn it into a support once again.

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