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5 Best Sustainability Companies Crowdfunding (December 2023)

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For years now, there has been a concerted effort by governments, environmentalists, and consumers at large to support sustainability – this means reassessing energy sources, materials used, or new products altogether.  As a result, many high-potential startups are looking to service this growing demand. To do so, many have turned to one of the best ways for young companies to raise capital and achieve their goals – equity crowdfunding.

With that in mind, the following is a running list highlighting some of the highest-potential offerings available to eligible investors on platforms like MicroVentures, Republic, StartEngine, WeFunder, and more.

Top Sustainability-Focused Companies Raising Capital through Equity Crowdfunding

1. Aquipor

Aquipor is an innovative company focused on green concrete technology, creating permeable concrete solutions to address urban environmental challenges like stormwater runoff pollution, urban flooding, and groundwater depletion.  In addition to addressing concerns surrounding freshwater supplies in urban environments, Aquipor's approach utilizes a low-carbon cement, significantly reducing energy use and CO2 emissions compared to traditional concrete.

Overall, this Spokane, WA-based company offers a sustainable alternative for urban infrastructure, aiming to revolutionize stormwater management and support environmental conservation efforts.

What is AquiPor and it's revolutionary technology?

Crowdfunding PlatformStartEngineCampaign Progress$443,824
Valuation$51,950,000Total Capital Raised$2,589,226
Price Per Share$2.81Campaign DeadlineJanuary 17, 2024

What Is the Appeal Behind Aquipor?

Investing in Aquipor presents a unique opportunity to contribute to a pioneering environmental solution.  As mentioned, the company's focus on developing permeable concrete technology addresses critical urban challenges, such as stormwater runoff, flooding, and groundwater depletion, which are increasingly prevalent in the face of climate change and urban expansion. Its innovative use of low-carbon cement not only enhances sustainability but also positions the company at the forefront of the green building materials market.

By investing in Aquipor, individuals have the chance to support a venture that combines environmental impact with potential market growth, catering to the growing demand for sustainable urban infrastructure solutions.  As societal efforts towards sustainability continue to ramp up, such solutions will be of increasing importance.  With that being the case, this alignment of ecological responsibility with economic potential makes Aquipor an attractive option for investors looking to make a meaningful impact while seeking returns, like the following companies on this list.

2. YouSolar

YouSolar offers a fully-integrated solar+battery nano-grid designed to provide independent power solutions. Its systems include high-efficiency home inverters, photovoltaic solar panels, and environmentally friendly lithium-ion batteries, functioning on a Pay-as-You-Go model. This technology particularly benefits areas with inadequate grid access, offering a sustainable and clean power supply.

YouSolar's PowerBloc, a central product, functions as a primary power supply for both homes and businesses, significantly reducing dependence on utility power.

The company's vision is to democratize the power supply, making solar energy a universal, efficient, and plug-and-play option, even in off-grid scenarios.

YouSolar Start Engine Campaign Video July 2023

Crowdfunding PlatformStartEngineCampaign Progress$398,134
Valuation$39,000,000Total Capital Raised$2,507,134
Price Per Share$0.49Campaign DeadlineDecember 20th, 2023

What Is the Appeal Behind YouSolar?

The appeal of investing in YouSolar lies in its innovative approach to solar power, making it accessible and efficient for individual use. The company's PowerBloc system, likened to a stack of LEGO bricks, allows for a modular, scalable power architecture that can run entire houses or businesses. It integrates solar, utility, and/or generator power, offering flexibility and independence from the grid.

This technology is not only appealing to those looking to save on utility bills and help the environment but also for its potential impact in emerging markets where power is often unreliable or unavailable. Additionally, YouSolar's funding model through StartEngine offers investors both financial entry points and product use incentives, making it an interesting investment opportunity.

3. AEV Charging

The name ‘AEV Charging' comes from ‘Agile, Ease-of-Use, and Value'.  Broadly speaking, this company is focused on providing electric vehicle charging solutions. Its mission is to facilitate and streamline the process of charging electric vehicles (EVs), addressing a critical aspect of the EV ecosystem. By offering innovative charging technologies and services, AEV Charging aims to support the growing adoption of electric vehicles, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation sector.

Crowdfunding PlatformStartEngineCampaign Progress$456,476
Valuation$10,000,000Total Capital Raised$1,200,000
Price Per Share$1.00Campaign DeadlineJanuary 4th, 2024

What Is the Appeal Behind AEV Charging?

Investing in AEV Charging is appealing due to the rapidly expanding market for electric vehicles and the consequent demand for efficient charging solutions. As the world increasingly embraces sustainable transportation, the need for reliable and accessible EV charging infrastructure becomes more pronounced. AEV Charging, with its focus on innovative charging technologies, stands to benefit from this trend.

There is high-potential based on the company's ability to meet the growing demands of EV users and participate in the green energy revolution, making it an attractive investment opportunity in a future-oriented industry.  As it stands, the company boasts that it has already installed over 5,000 chargers in locations spanning 14 countries.

4. Aptera Motors

Aptera Motors is a private solar mobility company specializing in the production of solar-electric vehicles. Founded in 2006 and re-formed in 2019 under its original leadership, Aptera Motors focuses on designing, engineering, and assembling lightweight, solar-assisted electric passenger vehicles. These vehicles are renowned for their rapid acceleration and extraordinary range of up to 1,000 miles per charge. Aptera's approach to vehicle manufacturing emphasizes sustainability and efficiency, with a clear focus on leveraging solar energy for transportation needs.

Aptera — Our Vision

Crowdfunding PlatformRepublicCampaign Progress$1,558,126
Valuation$800,000,000Total Capital Raised$80,000,000+
Price Per Share$10.5Campaign DeadlineSeptember 6, 2024

What Is the Appeal Behind Aptera Motors?

The appeal of investing in Aptera Motors lies in its groundbreaking approach to solar electric vehicle manufacturing. The company is unique in its dedication to harnessing solar power for daily vehicle use, offering a product that requires no charging for most day-to-day applications. Aptera's focus on energy efficiency, combined with its innovative design and manufacturing processes like 3D printing and AI integration, presents a forward-thinking investment opportunity.

Furthermore, the company's commitment to reducing carbon emissions and managing Earth’s natural resources appeals to environmentally conscious investors.

5. World Tree

Founded in 2001, World Tree is an investment company that channels private capital into regenerating undervalued farmland. It focuses on nature-based solutions to address global challenges and develops carbon forestry projects aimed at native forest protection, renewable timber production, and carbon sequestration.

World Tree centers its operations around Empress-based forestry, an approach that blends environmental conservation with profitable timber production.

Crowdfunding PlatformWeFunderCampaign Progress$256,776
Valuation$22,820,000Total Capital Raised$8,700,000
Price Per Share$2.00Campaign DeadlineFebruary 10, 2024

What is the Appeal Behind World Tree?

The appeal of investing in World Tree lies in its unique approach to forestry. It connects investors and farmers to foster a sustainable narrative for the planet. World Tree stands out for its commitment to impact investing, offering a model that aligns financial gains with environmental stewardship.

The company's focus on regenerative agriculture and carbon sequestration through Empress trees presents an innovative investment opportunity that promises both ecological benefits and potential financial returns. This approach should resonate with investors who are keen on contributing to environmental solutions while seeking financial growth.

**Note that all figures provided in this article are denominated in USD and were accurate at the time of writing.  As these are live campaigns, figures are subject to change**

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