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5 Best Sustainability Companies Crowdfunding (May 2024)

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For years now, there has been a concerted effort by governments, environmentalists, and consumers at large to support sustainability – this means reassessing energy sources, materials used, or new products altogether.  As a result, many high-potential startups are looking to service this growing demand. To do so, many have turned to one of the best ways for young companies to raise capital and achieve their goals – equity crowdfunding.

With that in mind, the following is a running list highlighting some of the highest-potential offerings available to eligible investors on platforms like MicroVentures, Republic, StartEngine, WeFunder, and more.

Top Sustainability-Focused Companies Raising Capital through Equity Crowdfunding

1. Flower Turbines

Flower Turbines is an innovative company specializing in the design and manufacture of small, efficient wind turbines that resemble flowers. These turbines are distinct for their aesthetic appeal and compact size, making them suitable for urban and suburban environments where large, traditional wind turbines are impractical.

The unique design of Flower Turbines not only enhances the visual landscape but also efficiently captures wind energy, contributing to sustainable energy solutions.

Flower Turbines Brand Video

Crowdfunding PlatformStartEngineCampaign Progress
Valuation$138,680,000Previous Capital Raised$14,918,974
Price Per Share$12.00Campaign DeadlineJune 1, 2024

What Is the Appeal Behind Flower Turbines?

Investing in Flower Turbines carries several appealing aspects. Firstly, it's an investment in green energy, aligning with growing global trends towards sustainability and renewable resources. The unique and aesthetically pleasing design of these turbines allows for integration into urban areas, potentially overcoming the resistance that traditional wind turbines face.

Moreover, the technology's potential for scalability and adaptability to different environments offers promising returns for investors looking to contribute to innovative and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

2. Kara Water

Access to clean water should be the norm wherever you live.  Kara Water looks to deliver on that through its ‘air-to-water' technology, which it states can provide users with 10L of alkaline water each and every day.  This is achieved through a sleek, floor-standing unit geared towards in-home use, providing the ability for clean-water generation in many communities lacking access.

Turn Air Into Pure Drinking Water With Kara Pure - World’s 1st 9.2+ pH Air-To-Water Dispenser

Crowdfunding PlatformStartEngineCampaign Progress$513,378+
Valuation$16,000,000Previous Capital Raised$2,035,000
Price Per Share$1.84Campaign DeadlineJune 2, 2024

What Is the Appeal Behind Kara Water?

A major appeal behind this product is its approach to water generation.  Rather than relying on refrigerants or the Peltier effect (e.g., dehumidifiers, atmospheric water harvesters) to extract moisture from the air, which is extremely power-hungry, the Kara Pure is said to rely on a system that leverages desiccants.  Interestingly, the company likens the process to how certain types of beetles found in deserts leverage fundamental forces of science to generate water droplets on their shells.

Aside from its approach to water generation, the very use of Kara Pure has the potential to play a role in sustainability efforts by reducing the number of plastic bottles used and discarded. This issue has resulted in rapidly rising microplastics being found in human, plant, and animal life.

For an investor, the draw to Kara Water is obvious.  This is a product that has the potential to play a role not only in sustainability efforts but also in human welfare around the world.  By doing so through an innovative approach, it stands apart from its competitors, offering an attractive and intriguing product.

3. Aquipor

Aquipor is an innovative company focused on green concrete technology, creating permeable concrete solutions to address urban environmental challenges like stormwater runoff pollution, urban flooding, and groundwater depletion.  In addition to addressing concerns surrounding freshwater supplies in urban environments, Aquipor's approach utilizes a low-carbon cement, significantly reducing energy use and CO2 emissions compared to traditional concrete.

Overall, this Spokane, WA-based company offers a sustainable alternative for urban infrastructure, aiming to revolutionize stormwater management and support environmental conservation efforts.

What is AquiPor and it's revolutionary technology?

Crowdfunding PlatformStartEngineCampaign Progress$796,324+
Valuation$51,950,000Previous Capital Raised$2,589,226
Price Per Share$2.81Campaign DeadlineMay 21, 2024

What Is the Appeal Behind Aquipor?

Investing in Aquipor presents a unique opportunity to contribute to a pioneering environmental solution.  As mentioned, the company's focus on developing permeable concrete technology addresses critical urban challenges, such as stormwater runoff, flooding, and groundwater depletion, which are increasingly prevalent in the face of climate change and urban expansion. Its innovative use of low-carbon cement not only enhances sustainability but also positions the company at the forefront of the green building materials market.

By investing in Aquipor, individuals have the chance to support a venture that combines environmental impact with potential market growth, catering to the growing demand for sustainable urban infrastructure solutions.  As societal efforts towards sustainability continue to ramp up, such solutions will be of increasing importance.  With that being the case, this alignment of ecological responsibility with economic potential makes Aquipor an attractive option for investors looking to make a meaningful impact while seeking returns, like the following companies on this list.

4. Aptera Motors

Aptera Motors is a private solar mobility company specializing in the production of solar-electric vehicles. Founded in 2006 and re-formed in 2019 under its original leadership, Aptera Motors focuses on designing, engineering, and assembling lightweight, solar-assisted electric passenger vehicles. These vehicles are renowned for their rapid acceleration and extraordinary range of up to 1,000 miles per charge. Aptera's approach to vehicle manufacturing emphasizes sustainability and efficiency, with a clear focus on leveraging solar energy for transportation needs.

Aptera — Our Vision

Crowdfunding PlatformRepublicCampaign Progress$1,718,450+
Valuation$800,000,000Previous Capital Raised$80,000,000+
Price Per Share$10.5Campaign DeadlineSeptember 6, 2024

What Is the Appeal Behind Aptera Motors?

The appeal of investing in Aptera Motors lies in its groundbreaking approach to solar electric vehicle manufacturing. The company is unique in its dedication to harnessing solar power for daily vehicle use, offering a product that requires no charging for most day-to-day applications. Aptera's focus on energy efficiency, combined with its innovative design and manufacturing processes like 3D printing and AI integration, presents a forward-thinking investment opportunity.

Furthermore, the company's commitment to reducing carbon emissions and managing Earth’s natural resources appeals to environmentally conscious investors.

5. Halo Energy

Halo Energy is a company making significant strides in the renewable energy sector, specifically in wind energy technology.  Founded in 2017 and based in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Halo Energy is focused on developing small-scale, highly efficient wind turbines using a unique proprietary shroud technology.  This technology allows its turbines to generate electricity at a lower cost and with higher efficiency compared to conventional micro-wind turbines.  The compact design of these turbines makes them particularly suitable for distributed energy applications across the globe.

Halo Energy's shrouded wind turbines are designed to double the power output of conventional turbines of comparable size, making them an innovative solution in the field of wind energy.  The turbines are especially adept at harnessing wind energy in less windy conditions, thus broadening the practical deployment of wind power technology beyond traditional large-scale wind farms.

Crowdfunding PlatformStartEngineCampaign Progress$36,102+
Valuation$6,490,000Previous Capital Raised$1,450,000+
Price Per Share$2.51Campaign DeadlineJune 20, 2024

What Is the Appeal Behind Halo Energy?

The company is currently raising capital set to be allocated towards engineering, research and development, manufacturing, and business expansion efforts.  Its crowdfunding campaign highlights its successful track record of innovation backed by substantial investment in research and development, positioning it as a growth-oriented company in the cleantech sector.

As an investment, Halo Energy is appealing due to its innovative technology, potential market impact, and the increasing demand for renewable energy solutions worldwide.  This makes it a potentially valuable addition to portfolios focused on sustainable and technological investments.

**Note that all figures provided in this article are denominated in USD and were accurate at the time of writing.  As these are live campaigns, figures are subject to change.  Furthermore, while all investing carries risk, investing in early-stage companies can bring even more.  Always perform due diligence before committing capital.  **

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