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5 Best Companies Crowdfunding On WeFunder (July 2024)

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Equity crowdfunding is a popular means for young companies to raise capital efficiently.  Platforms like WeFunder facilitate this by enabling individuals to invest in startups and early-stage companies at a stage traditionally reserved for venture capitalists and angel investors. This model opens up new opportunities for investors to diversify their portfolios with potentially high-growth ventures, while also contributing to the success of innovative companies.

Moreover, equity crowdfunding allows investors to support businesses they believe in, often in emerging industries and technologies. This can often provide both a financial return and a sense of personal fulfillment and participation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In essence, platforms like WeFunder are not just financial marketplaces but hubs of innovation and community-driven investment.

With that in mind, the following is a running list highlighting some of the highest-potential offerings available to eligible investors on WeFunder.

The Best Companies Actively Crowdfunding on WeFunder


GOT BAG is a company that has pioneered the creation of sustainable travel bags and lifestyle products made from recycled Ocean Impact Plastic™.  Focused on addressing the environmental issues associated with ocean plastic waste, GOT BAG collects and recycles plastic from the oceans to produce a range of durable and stylish bags.  This initiative not only helps clean the oceans but also provides a sustainable alternative in the fashion industry.

With innovative cleanup operations in Indonesia and a vertical supply chain, the company offers a unique combination of environmental impact and consumer appeal.  Its products are designed to meet the needs of eco-conscious consumers, merging functionality with a commitment to sustainability.  GOT BAG’s approach has resonated well with consumers, achieving significant market presence and partnerships with major retailers, showcasing its successful integration of eco-friendly practices with commercial viability.

The world is a marvelous place

Crowdfunding PlatformWeFunderCampaign Progress$84,550+
Valuation$11,000,000Previous Capital Raised$1,381,252
Price Per ShareSimple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)Campaign DeadlineN/A

What Is the Appeal Behind Humanity?

GOT BAG could be an appealing investment for several reasons.  Firstly, it continues to boast a strong commitment to sustainability and the innovative use of recycled Ocean Impact Plastic™ in its products.  The company's mission resonates with a growing global consumer base that is increasingly environmentally conscious and interested in sustainable products.  GOT BAG's operational model, which includes cleanup operations that convert ocean plastic into high-quality, fashionable bags, not only helps reduce environmental pollution but also creates a compelling story and brand loyalty.

Moreover, the company has established a solid market presence with significant sales traction and partnerships with prominent retailers, indicating a proven demand for its products.  These factors, combined with GOT BAG’s strategic positioning in the sustainable fashion market, make it a potentially rewarding investment for those looking to support businesses that contribute positively to the environment while also seeking economic gains.

2. AllSides

AllSides Technologies Inc. is dedicated to enhancing democratic society through its offerings of balanced news, media bias ratings, and fostering diverse perspectives and real conversations.  The company's mission is to expose people to various ideas from across the political spectrum, helping them better understand the world and each other.  AllSides provides these services not just to individual news consumers but also extends its technologies and tools to media companies, educational institutions, businesses, and other organizations.

With its patented bias rating system, AllSides categorizes over 1,400 media sources to reveal political leanings, aiming to equip users with the tools to see through media bias and think independently.  This approach is grounded in the belief that a well-informed populace can better navigate the complexities of today’s media landscape and contribute to a more informed and less polarized society​

Media Bias: How AllSides Provides Balanced, Unbiased News

Crowdfunding PlatformWeFunderCampaign Progress$192,798+
Valuation$29,700,000Previous Capital Raised$2,250,000
Price Per ShareSimple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)Campaign DeadlineN/A

What Is the Appeal Behind AllSides?

AllSides offers a unique opportunity due to its innovative approach to addressing media bias and promoting balanced news consumption.  As a company that employs patented technology to assess and rate media bias, AllSides is well-positioned in a niche market with growing demand, appealing to those seeking a more informed and less polarized public discourse.  The scalability of its services, which cater to educational institutions, media companies, and individual consumers, enhances its market potential.

Furthermore, AllSides' societal impact, recognized credibility and mission to foster understanding across political divides make it an attractive investment for both financial returns and social impact.  These factors combine to position AllSides as a compelling investment for those looking to support a business that leverages innovative technology to make a positive difference in society.

3. Quantum Expeditions

Quantum Expeditions is focused on redefining Bitcoin mining with a strong commitment to sustainability and profitability.  The company offers investment opportunities in eco-friendly cryptocurrency mining, using advanced technology to ensure operational efficiency and growth potential.  Quantum Expeditions aims to deliver substantial returns to investors by leveraging innovative, environmentally responsible mining solutions.  It emphasizes its role as a leader in the evolving digital currency landscape, promising a new era in Bitcoin mining with a focus on sustainable growth

Crowdfunding PlatformWeFunderCampaign Progress$436,227+
Valuation$33,300,000Previous Capital Raised$431,000
Price Per ShareSimple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)Campaign DeadlineN/A

What Is the Appeal Behind Quantum Expeditions?

Investing in Quantum Expeditions may be appealing for several reasons:

  1. Sustainability: The company focuses on eco-friendly Bitcoin mining, aligning with growing environmental concerns and potentially attracting investors interested in sustainable technologies.
  2. Innovative Technology: It employs advanced technologies to optimize mining efficiency and profitability, which could promise higher returns and lower operational costs.
  3. Growth Potential: As the digital finance landscape evolves, Quantum Expeditions' approach to sustainable mining could position it well within an expanding market, offering investors a chance to be part of a forward-thinking initiative in a burgeoning industry.

These factors make Quantum Expeditions an attractive option for those looking to invest in environmentally responsible and technologically advanced cryptocurrency mining.

4. Tap Systems

Tap Systems offers innovative wearable technology designed to replace traditional keyboards, mice, and controllers.  The TapXR wristband allows users to type, navigate, and control devices with simple finger movements and taps.  It supports various devices, including PCs, smartphones, and VR systems, making it versatile for personal and professional use.  The product emphasizes ergonomics, customizable inputs, and a seamless user experience in digital interactions.

Introducing TapXR - Wrist Worn Keyboard, Mouse & Controller

Crowdfunding PlatformWeFunderCampaign Progress$546,650+
Valuation$65,240,000Previous Capital Raised$11,967,240
Price Per ShareSimple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)Campaign DeadlineN/A

What Is the Appeal Behind Tap Systems?

Tap Systems is appealing primarily due to its innovative technology—the TapXR wristband—which replaces conventional input devices with a wearable interface that supports typing and navigation through simple gestures.  This product's versatility, supporting various devices and languages, broadens its market appeal.  Additionally, as demand for wearable tech grows, Tap Systems' unique solution positions it advantageously in a burgeoning market, attracting tech enthusiasts and investors interested in cutting-edge, practical innovations.

5. Humanity

Humanity is a health technology company that offers an app designed to monitor and potentially slow down or even reverse the aging process. It allows users to track various health metrics and lifestyle choices, such as movement, nutrition, mind, and recovery, to improve their “Humanity Score” and manage their rate of aging.  The app employs AI algorithms to calculate the impact of actions on biological age, using data from wearables and personal inputs.

Humanity emphasizes privacy, using AI to keep user data secure while enabling scientific learning.

Crowdfunding PlatformWeFunderCampaign Progress$2,723,036+
Valuation$30,000,000Previous Capital Raised$6,358,333
Price Per ShareSimple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)Campaign DeadlineN/A

What Is the Appeal Behind Humanity?

The appeal of Humanity for potential investors lies in its innovative approach to health technology, focusing on extending healthspan through a data-driven app.  By leveraging AI to analyze and provide feedback on lifestyle impacts on aging, Humanity presents a cutting-edge solution in the rapidly growing digital health market.  The app's potential to become integral in users' daily health management, coupled with a commitment to privacy and scientific research, positions Humanity as an attractive investment opportunity in preventative healthcare technology.

**Note that all figures provided in this article are denominated in USD and were accurate at the time of writing.  As these are live campaigns, figures are subject to change**

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