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5 Best AI Companies Crowdfunding (April 2024)



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In the tapestry of technological advancements shaping the future of humanity, artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as one of the most transformative and pivotal technologies. As we stand on the brink of a new era, AI is redefining the very fabric of how we live, work, and interact. Its influence spans across industries, from healthcare and education to transportation and entertainment, promising solutions to some of the most pressing challenges of our generation while opening doors to unexplored possibilities.

Understanding the immense potential of AI, numerous innovative companies are emerging, seeking to harness its power to drive forward a new age of progress and discovery. Among these, crowdfunding has become a crucial avenue for bringing groundbreaking AI ideas to fruition. It allows the public to play a direct role in shaping the AI landscape, supporting projects that resonate with their vision of the future.

1. Humanity

Investing in the Age of Longevity 2022 – Peter Ward – Humanity

Our first company uses the power of AI to transform the ailing healthcare sector. The goal of Humanity is to become the world's top Health & Longevity app that uses AI to monitor your aging and guides you to making intelligent, and informed health decisions that are based on data.

The platform collects user data, and then uses AI and machine learning to understand what actions are working to slow aging and to keep people healthier for longer, based on what's working for other Humanity users like them.

Humanity is  #1 in the App Store for healthspan, longevity, and AI health. It has a 4.8 star Apple App Store rating with over 4,500 reviews and is attracting strategic partnership interest from some of the largest health companies in the world.  When reading reviews users describe it as being gamified, and offering incentivizes to establish better health habits.

By tracking key aging biomarkers against what actions people are taking daily, Humanity uses machine learning and aging models trained on real-world outcomes to recommend personalized actions based on what’s working for other Humanity users like them.

When reviewing core partners, they have partnered with Illumina one of the largest companies in the genomics space for DNA methylation monitoring and genotyping.

The projected milestones are both aggressive and offer a high potential for scalability.

Priority 1: Viral Growth – Iterate on a viral growth engine that drives organic, exponential growth. Building on the key expertise the founders learned with their social network and dating app.

Priority 2: B2B Dashboard for Humanity Enterprise – Build an analytics dashboard to aggregate Humanity health data for teams.

Priority 3: Blood Analysis – Adding a Premium Pro subscription level which includes blood analysis, based on the blood aging model we submitted for publication in a Nature publication, which is currently in peer-review.

Priority 4: App Refinements – To include improvements to Compare, Actions, Guidance and launching new offerings to increase engagement

Priority 5: Blood & Genetics Monitoring – Add subscription options to take cutting edge aging tests based on blood biomarkers and DNA Methylation samples on a periodic basis, directly from Humanity

When reviewing the list of investors there's an impressive list including: One Way Ventures, Seedcamp, Esther Dyson, Tom Lee, and Taavet Hinrikus.

2. AI Box

The future of AI development is no-code which is why AI Box is ranked so high. AI Box has the intention of creating a no-code, drag and drop AI app builder and marketplace.

The powerful AI app building platform, will enable creators to link multiple AI models together, enabling creativity, and monetization. They are combining this with the power of a marketplace that will will serve as a monetization platform for users who are creating AI tools, and it will allow corporations and business professionals to discover, and harness industry specific AI apps.

When studying venture capital the most important element of any investment is the team behind the company, this is where AI box truly shines with an all-star team.

Jaeden Schafer is serial entrepreneur and former Advanced Digital Marketing university instructor. He has successfully built and scaled multiple startups in the AI & wellness space. Host of AI Chat, a top-10 Business News podcast with 1M+ listens and over 500 episodes.

Jillian Schafer is  an entrepreneur and computer scientist, who is passionate about AI and mental health. She was the CPO and visionary behind the Selfpause app the #1 AI Life Coach which scaled to over 120,000 users.

Ben Pierson is Co-Founder and is also CTO (Chief Technology Officer),  he is a full-stack developer with over a decade of expertise in creating, deploying, and maintaining intricate technical infrastructures and solutions, distinguished by a focus-driven approach to coding.

Disclaimer: I have personally participated in this crowdfunding round.

3. Future Cardia

Founder Stories - Future Cardia

Future Cardia is aiming to address cardiovascular diseases, which are a leading cause of death globally. The company focuses on developing medical devices or therapies that could improve heart health and patient outcomes. Given the high prevalence of heart-related illnesses, innovations in this field have the potential to have a significant impact.  Key to its journey is Future Cardia's usage of AI and machine learning to provide practitioners with greater insights into cardiac health, allowing for more comprehensive and effective treatment plans to be developed.

The heart health industry is confronting an increasing demand for integrated, smart health solutions against the backdrop of a growing aging population and a rise in cardiac conditions. Future Cardia is tapping into this burgeoning market with the potential to capture a significant share through its groundbreaking technologies.


At the time of writing, Future Cardia boasts a valuation of $40.11M and has successfully raised $1,830,124 from 1,361 investors.

Innovative Solutions: Future Cardia’s specific area of innovation—whether it is in medical devices like stents or pacemakers, advanced diagnostics, or novel therapeutic approaches—would be central to its potential success. It involves leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning, and new materials to improve cardiac care.

Market Potential: The market for cardiovascular treatments and devices is vast and expanding, especially with aging populations and the rising prevalence of lifestyle-related cardiac conditions. Future Cardia’s market allure lies in its ability to tap into this demand with solutions that offer improved efficacy, safety, or cost-effectiveness over existing treatments.

Use of Funds: The capital accrued from investors is earmarked for several critical areas:

  • Escalating research and development efforts to refine the technology's precision.
  • Navigating the regulatory landscape to secure approvals from pertinent healthcare authorities.
  • Establishing robust data management systems to ensure user privacy and compliance with healthcare regulations.
  • Initiating targeted marketing endeavors to build a strong brand presence and consumer trust.

Overall, Future Cardia could capture the interest of investors due to its focus on leveraging AI within the critical field of cardiovascular health, the potential impact of its innovations, the size of the market it targets, and its progress in development and regulatory pathways.

4. VIIT Health

Softeq Venture Studio Q2 ’22 Cohort: ViiT Health Founder Story

Viit Health is on a  mission to deliver the future of point-of-care prevention and consumer healthcare: easier, faster and accessible wellness monitoring and disease prevention with – significantly improved – AI-assisted optical technology.

Bioviit® is a unique portable biomarker monitor that uses light – not pricking or consumables – to accurately detect blood glucose, and also oxygen, pulse, temperature and  in the future other biomarkers.

This platform serves a huge addressable market, Type II diabetes is a modern pandemic. There are over 500 million diabetics worldwide, and there is 1 diabetes related death every 5 seconds. Furthermore, according to different studies, 1 in 2 people in the world already have glucose related problems and don’t know about it, which if left unchecked, could not only lead to diabetes, but also cardiovascular diseases, alzheimer’s or cancer.

5. Artly: The Barista Bot

Artly Regulation Crowdfunding on StartEngine

Artly: The Barista Bot represents an innovative leap in the fusion of robotics and gourmet coffee culture, aimed at revolutionizing the café experience. The company is looking to launch Artly into the market through a targeted crowdfunding campaign that offers a unique opportunity for early adopters and investors to be part of a groundbreaking moment in the food and beverage industry.

Artly aims to redefine the café experience by integrating AI technology with the human touch of artisan coffee making.

Innovative Solutions: Artly is designed to be a state-of-the-art barista bot capable of:

  • Crafting a wide range of coffee beverages to an artisanal standard.
  • Personalizing orders by remembering customer preferences.
  • Reducing wait times and increasing efficiency in busy café environments.
  • Serving as a unique marketing draw for businesses that adopt the technology.

Market Potential: The global coffee market is ripe for innovation as consumers seek more personalized and convenient experiences. With an estimated value in the billions and consistent year-on-year growth, introducing a high-tech solution like Artly taps into this expanding market with a fresh, exciting offering.

Use of Funds: Investments will be used to:

  • Finalize product development and refinement of AI algorithms.
  • Manufacture the first production line of Artly units.
  • Market and distribute Artly to coffee shops and restaurants.
  • Continue R&D for future updates and product enhancements.

Overall, Artly hopes to usher in the future of coffee culture with the help of robotics and AI by renewing the artisan coffee community with unique experiences.  It is a sophisticated blend of engineering and culinary arts.

With its advanced AI, Artly can learn and adapt to individual customer preferences, ensuring each cup of coffee is not just made but crafted with precision and care. This personalization is at the heart of the coffee culture, and Artly promises to enhance it through technology.

Disclaimer: As with any investment in a startup, it is accompanied by risks and uncertainties, and potential investors should perform thorough due diligence and consider their risk tolerance before investing*

Antoine is a futurist and the founding partner of & a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

He is also the Founder of a news website on AI & robotics, the generative AI platform, & is he is currently working on launching a platform that will offer users the ability to configure and deploy autonomous agents by breaking prompts into sub-tasks.