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7 Best Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites (June 2024)

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Over the past decade, technological advancements have revolutionized the way we invest. One of the sectors that has benefited immensely from this digital shift is real estate. Traditionally, property investment has been an avenue reserved for those with substantial capital, but recent innovations have democratized access to this lucrative market. Enter: real estate crowdfunding.

What is Real Estate Crowdfunding?

At its core, real estate crowdfunding allows individuals to invest small amounts of money into properties, either equity or debt. Instead of one or two investors purchasing an entire property, hundreds or even thousands of people can now pool their resources to buy a share in a property. Each investor then earns a portion of the rental income and/or benefits from the appreciation of the property, proportional to their investment.

Top 7 Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites

1. Groundfloor

Groundfloor - Safe and Stable Real Estate Investing for Everyone.

Groundfloor presents a compelling opportunity for both novice and experienced investors to engage in fractional real estate investing with a minimum commitment of just $10. This platform simplifies the investment process through an automatic investing feature, which is ideal for those seeking to diversify their portfolios without enduring the usual complexities and costs associated with real estate investment. Groundfloor boasts a remarkable history of delivering 10% returns, underscoring its robust performance over the past decade.

Operating under the regulatory framework of Regulation A, Groundfloor offers securities that are accessible to all U.S. residents, not just accredited investors. This inclusivity is a significant advantage, allowing a broader audience to participate in potentially lucrative real estate investments. The platform supports a range of real estate projects, providing investors with a diversified investment option that's backed by tangible assets. Each investment carries inherent risks, as with any investment, but Groundfloor's transparency and compliance with SEC filings provide investors with a detailed understanding of what to expect. Groundfloor's innovative approach in the real estate market positions it as a noteworthy platform for those looking to enhance their investment portfolios through real estate.

  • Groundfloor allows for fractional real estate investing with a minimum investment of just $10, making it accessible to a wide range of investors.
  • The platform automates investments, providing an easy way for investors to diversify their portfolios without managing the day-to-day details.
  • Groundfloor has a strong track record, historically offering 10% returns, appealing to those looking for solid performance in real estate.
  • Open to all U.S. residents, not limited to accredited investors, Groundfloor broadens the potential investor base significantly.
  • Fully compliant with SEC regulations, Groundfloor offers transparency and security, ensuring investors are well-informed about their investments.

2. Equity Multiple

This is EquityMultiple

Launched in 2015, EquityMultiple primarily centers its efforts on commercial real estate at an institutional level. Furthermore, the platform provides avenues for equity, preferred equity, and senior debt ventures.

With a starting investment threshold of $5,000, EquityMultiple strives to demystify real estate investing, promoting clarity and wider accessibility for regular investors. Their offerings span a gamut of private commercial assets such as office locations, senior care residences, hotels, and data hubs.

Catering to accredited investors, the platform has investment commitments that vary between $10,000 to $40,000, with durations ranging from half a year to a decade or even longer. For affluent investors keen on broadening their horizons and exploring diverse ventures, EquityMultiple stands as a prime starting point.

  • EquityMultiple, launched in 2015, focuses on institutional-level commercial real estate including office spaces, senior care residences, and hotels.
  • The platform offers investment opportunities in equity, preferred equity, and senior debt, targeting accredited investors.
  • Investors can start with as little as $5,000, with EquityMultiple aiming to make real estate investment more transparent and accessible.
  • Investment commitments on the platform range from $10,000 to $40,000, with terms varying from six months to over ten years.
  • EquityMultiple is ideal for affluent investors looking to diversify their portfolios with a variety of high-value commercial real estate ventures.

3. Upright

How It Works: Invest in Real Estate Online with Upright

Upright has rapidly emerged as a leader in the real estate fintech industry in the United States, famed for its commitment to swift funding, exceptional transparency, and fostering significant community impacts through real estate projects. Founded in 2014 by CEO Matt Rodak, Upright was born from a frustration with the sluggish and restrictive nature of traditional capital access for real estate investments. The company has since revolutionized this area, providing reliable, quick funding solutions that cater to the needs of real estate entrepreneurs.

The company prides itself on its entrepreneurial spirit and a team that not only strategizes but actively supports its staff and clients in achieving their goals. With a remarkable return of 99.7% of principal to investors and a repeat borrower rate of 93%, Upright has managed over $2 billion in investments, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability. Upright's innovative platform allows investors to engage in passive real estate investments with options like individual project notes and diversified funds, offering returns up to 14% and investment terms ranging from three months to multiple years, making it a versatile choice for building wealth in real estate.

  • Upright is a leading real estate fintech company in the U.S., known for rapid funding and transparency since its inception in 2014.
  • Founded by Matt Rodak, Upright offers innovative capital solutions for real estate entrepreneurs frustrated by traditional funding barriers.
  • The company boasts a high rate of return, with 99.7% of principal returned to investors and a 93% repeat borrower rate.
  • Upright manages over $2 billion in investments, offering a variety of passive real estate investment options, with potential returns up to 14%.
  • Investment opportunities include individual project notes and diverse funds, providing flexibility and control over investment terms and portfolio diversification.

4. Honey Bricks

INFLATION and REAL ESTATE - What is the connection? What do know before Investing! | #HoneyBricks

Launched in 2022, HoneyBricks is an online investing platform for multifamily real estate. They help get investors fractional access to institutional quality, pre-vetted multi-family investments with less fees, lower minimums and more liquidity.

They believe that engaging with seasoned real estate experts is the optimal route for investors to achieve returns that surpass market averages.

The approach is threefold: pinpointing burgeoning markets, forging robust collaborations with top-tier sponsors in these areas, and enhancing the investment diligence process. This methodology facilitates split ownership, letting investors easily engage via a easy to use digital platform.

5. CrowdStreet

CrowdStreet "Build Something Real" Vinyl 30

Since its establishment in 2013, with its base in Austin, Texas, CrowdStreet has showcased over 700 commercial property investment opportunities. The platform has captured the interest of over 100,000 American investors.

Quoting CrowdStreet, “With our ‘Blended Portfolio' offering, individual investors can seamlessly invest in commercial real estate.”

To date, the platform has celebrated distributions exceeding $220 million to its investors. Investment avenues at CrowdStreet encompass funds, standalone deals, and a curated, expert-driven portfolio.

6. RealtyMogul

Invest with RealtyMogul - New Opportunity Awaits

Since launching in 2012, RealtyMogul has garnered the attention of over 274,000 investors, eager to tap into its REITs and exclusive market propositions. The platform is lauded for its rigorous vetting process; every property contender undergoes a hands-on evaluation, and each deal is meticulously assessed through specialized techniques and models.

Investors are presented with three primary goals: securing passive income, aiming for growth, and achieving portfolio diversification. The available investment avenues encompass REITs and specific property types, including multifamily units, office spaces, industrial sites, and retail outlets.

7. PeerStreet

Established in 2013, PeerStreet operates as a digital platform that allows qualified investors to channel their money into top-tier private real estate loans. In essence, when you invest, you're providing the necessary funds for lenders to offer loans to real estate enthusiasts. Subsequently, PeerStreet manages the collection of monthly repayments from these borrowers, ensuring that you, as an investor, receive a portion of these returns.

With PeerStreet, you have the flexibility to diversify your investments either on your own or via automated selections, spanning a wide range of geographical areas, lenders, borrowers, asset categories, durations, LTV percentages, and interest rates.

Why is Real Estate Crowdfunding Potentially Valuable?

  1. Accessibility: It breaks down the financial barriers that previously prevented most individuals from entering the property market. Now, with as little as a few hundred dollars, one can begin their investment journey.
  2. Diversification: Investors can distribute their capital across multiple properties or even geographies, reducing the risk associated with traditional real estate investments that rely on the performance of a single property.
  3. Transparency: Most crowdfunding platforms provide detailed information about the properties, expected returns, and the track record of the developers or managers. This allows investors to make informed decisions.
  4. Professional Management: The majority of crowdfunding platforms collaborate with real estate professionals who manage the properties, eliminating the need for investors to have expertise in property management.
  5. Liquidity: Some platforms have secondary markets, enabling investors to sell their shares before the property is sold, although this is not guaranteed.


In conclusion, real estate crowdfunding has not only democratized property investment but also added an element of convenience and transparency that was previously missing. As with any investment, potential backers should conduct their research, understand the risks, and make informed decisions. But for those looking to dip their toes in the property market with lesser capital, real estate crowdfunding might just be the perfect avenue.

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