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LAToken Brings Support for Swarm Utility Token (SWM)




Added Support

Cryptocurrency exchange, LAToken, has just announced their immediate support for SWM tokens – the native utility token of Swarm Fund.

While the Swarm token, SWM, is a utility token, it acts as the fuel, driving Swarm’s STO ecosystem.

On the LAToken platform, SWM is tradable vs. a variety of assets, including both BTC and ETH.

Token Details

The SWM tokens offer various levels of functionality to the Swarm ecosystem. Swarm highlights 5 main areas in which token users can benefit.

  1. Masternode Staking
    1. Allows for users hosting masternodes to earn rewards, in the form of SWM. This process incentivises growth and security of the ecosystem
  2. Issuance Stake
    1. A major draw for token issuers to use Swarm, is to take advantage of their FREE tokenization process. In order to utilize this service, SWM is required to be staked by token issuers.
  3. Governance
    1. No one likes for their voice to go unheard. By holding SWM tokens, participation in votes is granted. Token holders have a say in network decisions, proportionate to their holdings.
  4. Settlement
    1. Allows for any service provider utilizing Swarm to accept SWM as form of payment.
  5. Reward
    1. 10 million SWM have been set aside to fund monthly rewards for those that contribute value to the SWM network.

It is clear that, despite the ground breaking attributes digital securities afford investors and issuers alike, there is still a role for utility tokens to play in the blockchain industry. The SWM token is a perfect example of this, as it brings increased functionality to the platform of a company tailoring its services towards security tokens.


Swarm is a United States based company that was launched in January of 2018. Company operations are overseen by CEO, Philipp Pieper.

The company utilizes blockchain technology to create new forms of investment opportunities, while increasing ease of access to capital for SMEs.


Founded in 2017 by Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, LAToken is a cryptocurrency exchange, supporting secondary trading of digital securities.

The name LAToken refers to ‘Liquid Assets Platform’. An attribute often touted during the issuance of digital securities.

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