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5 ‘Best’ Digital Securities & Security Token Newsletters (2023)

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Blockchain technology underpins just about every digital asset.  This does not make them all equal however, with various token subsets on offer.  Some of these include cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, stablecoins, and of course digital securities – a sector projected to be worth over $16 trillion within the decade.  The following are few invaluable newsletters/reports which maintain a focus on the latter.

1. Vertalo – The Digital Asset Review

Based out of Texas, Vertalo is a promising company helmed by CEO Dave Hendricks which is continually building out its ability to service the digital securities sector.  For four years now, Vertalo has issued a weekly look at notable developments from the preceding days titled ‘The Digital Asset Review'.  While the main focus of its newsletter revolves around tokenization of assets, it does extend to include news involving the broader digital assets sector at times, making it a well-rounded choice for weekly newsletter subscribers.  As it stands, The Digital Asset Review boasts 8000 subscribers and growing.

Frequency: Once per week

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2. Securitize

Long noted as a trailblazer within the digital securities sector, Securitize remains the most notable name associated with this potential-laden asset class.  With this being the case, Securitize is often in the position to break news on events pertaining to digital securities, as it is the one facilitating forward momentum in the sector.  While this newsletter focuses primarily on its own activity, by keeping tabs on what Securitize is up to, readers will stay apprised on some of the sectors most important developments.

Frequency: Intermittent

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3. Security Token Market Monthly Report

While not a traditional newsletter per say, these monthly recaps provide readers with insight in to the performance of assets deemed digital securities from the weeks prior.  As it stands, metrics pertaining to such assets are not available on data aggregation sites like CoinMarketCap, making the Security Token Market Report an invaluable resource.

Notably, Security Token Market also hosts another newsletter which it calls ‘What's Drippin'.  Described as being delivered in a ‘morning brew style', this newsletter variant takes a more traditional approach, looking at recent market events.

Frequency: Once per month (Monthly Report), Intermittent (What's Drippin')

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4. The Fusang Pulse

The world is a large place, and with digital assets operating on a global scale, it is important to gather news from each and every continent.  When looking at events in Asia, the worlds most populous region, we turn to Fusang and its monthly issue of ‘The Fusang Pulse'.  This newsletter maintains a strong focus on digital securities, and the constantly evolving regulations surrounding the tokenization of real world assets.

Frequency: Intermittent

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5. Tokeny Insights

The next newsletter on our list takes a more focused approach than most, typically highlighting development specifically in the digital securities sector.  Coming from Tokeny, which offers customers a comprehensive suite of services for digital securities, this newsletter is able to provide better insights on the benefits of this overlooked asset-class than most.

Frequency: Intermittent

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