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6 ‘Best’ Cryptocurrency Newsletters (April 2024)

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In the world of digital assets, things move so quickly at times that it is easy to miss important events which get overshadowed by the next.  With this being the case, maintaining a go-to set of recurring newsletters/reports from various sources is pivotal.  Such reports aggregate the biggest news of the week or month, allowing for investors to stay apprised of industry happenings, when time-constraints do not allow for daily diligence.

Over time, we have seen various large exchanges begin to release monthly reports/insights in to market conditions and events.  Centralized exchanges in particular have a behind-the-scene perspective on market activity, with troves of data-sets illuminating investors sentiments.  While these are great sources of information, it is important to take in to account insights provided by service providers with different goals, in addition to independent analysts/outlets – the following list is comprised of a combination of each

1. Kraken

One of the most thorough and insightful exchange reports to be released monthly comes from U.S. based Kraken.  These ‘intelligence reports' go beyond acting simply as a newsletter, and provide both subjective and objective opinions built upon the data it has collected.

Unlike competing newsletters, the content in these intelligence reports may be daunting to ‘newbies' at times, as they tend to delve in to more complex concepts and projects.

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Frequency: Once per month

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2. ‘Bitcoin Economic Calendar'

As one of the few lending platforms to survive the TerraForm collapse unscathed, Ledn is quickly building a strong reputation for itself.  In its newsletter, known as the ‘Bitcoin Economic Calendar', Ledn maintains a focus on Bitcoin and events occurring in both traditional and digital markets that may play a role in its behavior and adoption.

Frequency: Once per week on Tuesdays

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3. CoinMarketCap

As the largest and most popular data aggregator within the digital asset sector, recommending the CoinMarketCap newsletter is a no-brainer.  Given its position, CoinMarketCap is often able to share unique insights and analysis, in addition to often breaking news on industry events, airdrops, and more.

Frequency: Twice per week on Mondays, and Fridays

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4. TL;DR Crypto

An acronym for ‘too long, didn't read', TL;DR offers various newsletters of increasing popularity.  As its name would imply, TL;DR Crypto is one of its newsletter variants that maintains a specific focus on digital assets.  As a daily newsletter, TL;DR Crypto is able to cover more than just the industry's largest developments, and provide more context to market activity through its approach.

Frequency: Once per Day

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5. Pantera Capital

Since 2013, Pantera Capital has been devoted to the maturation and development of blockchain technologies such as cryptocurrencies.  Its long-standing presence and involvement within the sector puts it in a position to share unique insights in to market events.

Frequency: Once per Month

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6. Coinbase Bytes

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and Coinbase Bytes is the perfect newsletter for someone looking to do just that.  It is specifically tailored towards beginners, offering important news from a reputable source.

When subscribing, Coinbase indicates that, “You can expect stories about NFTs, DeFi, market news, Bitcoin mining, Elon Musk. Wherever crypto goes, we go too. If we think it's important, we'll keep you in the loop.”

Frequency: Once per week on Wednesdays

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