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5 Best Stock Trading Newsletters (June 2024)

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We recently took a look at what are some of the best newsletters pertaining to digital assets, and while the sector is an increasingly important one in the world of finance, it is still in its early stages.  Simply put, there is more to investing that just cryptocurrencies, digital securities, and NFTs.  The following are a few examples of newsletters which incorporate a broader scope, providing insights and analysis for the more traditional stock trader.

1. Barron's – ‘Review & Preview'

Since 1921, Barron's has been a fixture in the world of financial journalism.  Today, the publication has expanded, sharing its insights in various formats such as a magazine, online news-outlet, and various newsletters.

The world of investing is simply too large for any one person to keep track of effectively.  This is why Barron's has opted to generate a current 18 different newsletters – each tailored towards specific niches (ie. Retirement, Climate and Energy, Technology, etc.).  If only choosing one, we would recommend ‘Review & Preview'.  This particular variant is delivered each evening, and as its name would suggest, reviews news of the day while previewing what it means for tomorrow.

Frequency: Once per day

To subscribe to ‘Review & Preview', click HERE.

2. Investopedia – ‘Term of the Day'

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and Investopedia provides the perfect on-ramp for individuals looking to learn.  While Investopedia has multiple newsletters on offer, its ‘Term of the Day' variant is particularly useful for introducing and educating new investors on terms and concepts relevant to investing.  Once a basic understanding of financial terms is attained, recipients of this news letter will be well-prepared to dive in to some of the others listed.

Frequency: Once per day

To subscribe to ‘Term of the Day', click HERE.

3. TradingView – Weekly Digest

From top stories to earnings roundups, economic calendars, technical analysis, and more – TradingView and its ‘Weekly Digest' has it all.  This well-rounded suite of information on offer by TradingView aligns with its own philosophy. “Look first / Then leap.  It's what you'd call our philosophy, that it doesn't matter who you are or what you trade, preparing first then committing is the best way of maximizing life's returns.”

It should be noted that to gain access to this newsletter, a free account must first be created with TradingView.  Once and account is created, users can opt-in and out of the various newsletters on offer by TradingView.  Beyond the weekly digest, TradingView offers communications which span from educational material, to daily looks at market moving events, and even a tailored roundup of self-selected tickers.

In addition its free communications, TradingView also has a variety of paid-services which give traders access to a a bevy of charts and features for technical analysis.

Frequency: Once per week

To subscribe to TradingView's ‘Weekly Digest', click HERE.

4. WealthSimple – TL;DR

Much like Investopedia and its ‘Term of the Day', WealthSimple offers its own newsletter which is structured to be accessible to investors of any ilk.  Distributed through TL;DR, this newsletter often takes a lighthearted approach to recent events pertaining to finance and investing.  These snippets often provide more than just the recapping of events, but also insight in to how investors may be affected.  Subscribing to this, along with Investopedia's ‘Term of the Day' is a good way to start along a path towards self-investing.

Frequency: Once per week

To subscribe to WealthSimple's ‘TL;DR Newsletter', click HERE.

5. Nasdaq – Smart Investing

The ‘National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations' or more commonly known as ‘Nasdaq' is one of the worlds largest stock markets.  As such, Nasdaq boasts near unparalleled insights into a wide scope of markets – making its weekly newsletter a must read.

Titled ‘Smart Investing', this newsletter will appeal to both new and seasoned investors.  Whether it be educational material, insights in to market performance, or news on industry developments, there is something here for everyone.  Much like the ‘Review and Preview' on offer by Barrons, ‘Smart Investing' also provides a look back at recent market activity, and a look forward at what it may mean for the coming days.

Frequency: Once per week

To subscribe to Nasdaq's ‘Smart Investing Newsletter', click HERE.

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