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DigiMax Launches STO Advisory Platform

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New platform

In a recent press release, DigiMax has announced the launch of their STO advisory platform. This platform has long been anticipated as part of their 2018 roadmap.

With the industry shift from ICOs toward STOs, services such as these are in dire need. For companies that are interested in tokenization, it is imperative that they remain compliant with current regulations. To have a platform dedicated to walking them through the process, is of great use.

The announced platform has various functions. Here is a breakdown of steps, per the DigiMax website.

  1. Due diligence
    • Documents – Legal Due Diligence and Public Disclosure Documentation
  2. Rating
    • Document – Comparative Analysis and Proper Rating
  3. Global Information Exchange
    • App-based marketing, Worldwide distribution
  4. Post STO marketing
    • App-based info supports ongoing proper price discovery
  5. Post STO disclosure
    • Provides a home for legal disclosure documents

They break the platform down into two sides. Consulting and Syndication, with each serving to assist in various way.

Consulting Syndication
Business PlansDistribution Agents
ValuationsSTO Execution
STO structureEnsured Adherence to Securities Regulations
Investor SummaryDistribution through various channels


As of right now, there are not many direct competitors with the platform. Currently, companies that offer similar services would be KoreConX, Securitize, Harbor, Securrency, and few others.


Despite a company’s best intentions, even those wishing to stay complaint may have difficulty in doing so. Not intentionally, mind you. With the SEC cracking down on those that do no remain true to their rules, platforms such as the one DigiMax is offering are important for the continued growth of the sector.

The Work Continues

Development never ceases. DigiMax is actively seeking ‘registration as an Exempt Market Dealer’. This registration is being sought within Ontario, and would allow for further STO marketing services to be developed.

Beyond new capabilities, DigiMax has created a ‘Global Advisory Board’. As the company looks to expand their services into various locations, it is prudent to be well versed in the differences in regulations. This board is comprised of 16 members, located around the globe, that are able to provide expertise on securities within their respective areas.


This Consultation and Syndication business is one of the services already launched this year by DigiMax. They began their ambitious roadmap with the launch of FlyerDrop in April, 2018. This service acts as an app that token sale issuers can directly market their offerings to potential investors.

In the time since, company development has culminated in the services discussed here.


DigiMax was founded in 2017. They have offices in both Toronto and New York. Through these locations, DigiMax is now able to offer their services globally.

The company was founded by 5 individuals, representing a diverse, and global talent.

Chris Carl – CEO & Cofounder

Greg Limon – Cofounder

David Posner – Cofounder

Stan Milc – CSO & Cofounder

Serge Shilnov – CVO & Cofounder

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