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KoreConX identifies as the ‘world's first all in one platform for the private capital markets'.  As their name would imply, this means managing the core of a business, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and legal compliance.

The following are a few of the services offered to clients.

  • Portfolio Management
  • Captable Management
  • Investor Relations
  • Minute Book

Beyond these services, KoreConX has been diligently building out their own network, known as the KoreConX Partners.  This ecosystem works to connect various players within the sector.  These established relationships provide a bevy of service choices for potential clients utilizing their platform.

The versatility and importance of their services have been recognized by various companies within the digital securities sector.  This has been made evident through their selection for various STOs.  Both PCF Capital, and 3iQ, have chosen KoreConX for the completion of their own token events.

KoreConX is a New York based company, which was founded in 2016.  Company operations are overseen by CEO, Oscar Jofre.

Company Details

Company Name
KoreConX, Inc
Company Type

Contact Details

USA Business Address
One World Trade Center, Suite 8500, New York, New York 10007, US
Australia Business Address
154/111 Eagle St.
372 Brisbane City, QLD 4000
Peru Business Address
Calle 2 113
Distrito De Lima 15011
UAE Business Address
4th Floor Boulevard Tower 1
Downtown Dubia, Dubia
Phone Number


STOs Associated
Miami Crypto Exchange
Bankroll Capital
BX3 Capital
Entoro Capital


Aug 11, 2015
Seed Round

Team Members

Name: Oscar Jofre Jr
Position: Co-Founder & President
Name: Jason Futko
Position: Co-Founder & CFO
Name: Kiran K. Garimella
Position: Chief Scientist & CTO
Name: Jonathan Heymann
Position: Director of Compliance
Name: Edwin Lee
Position: Director MENA
Name: Edmund Tan
Position: Director ASEAN
Name: Rosanna Mancuso
Position: Director Australia
Name: Stephen Ferrando
Position: Director Of Business Development
Name: Byron Sanders
Position: Director Of Business Development

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