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KoreConX the Protocol of Choice for Upcoming Digital Security Offering by 3iQ




Protocol of Choice

Another security token offering has been announced, along with the protocol which will facilitate the event. Canadian based, 3iQ, will be utilizing services rendered by KoreConX to complete their fund-raising campaign.

This move marks another established investment firm that has recognized the benefits of digital securities and taken the plunge into the future of investing.

By aligning themselves with KoreConX, 3iQ stands to benefit from a growing list of impressive companies which comprise the KorePartner Ecosystem – A grouping of companies partnering to mutually benefit from each other’s specialized services.


In their press release, various representative from both KoreConX and 3iQ took the time to share their thoughts on the development discussed here today.

Oscar Jofre, CEO of KoreConX, stated,

“We created the platform with the business’ owners in mind. We created it for the dynamic entrepreneur who needs efficiency and agility when managing their companies so they can focus on perfecting their business…We are very honored that an Investment Fund Manager of the magnitude of 3iQ chose our solutions to be the technology behind their Digital Securities Offering and their company.”

Howard Atkinson, Chairman at 3iQ, stated,

“Moving to Digital Securities is a very important decision in the history of our company and we need a protocol that is secure and robust, while never compromising compliance…We believe KoreConX is not only the right choice when it comes to the Digital Securities Protocol, but also when it comes to management after issuance.”

Frederick T. Pye, President and CEO of 3iQ, elaborated on the move to digital securities by indicating,

“Through our Exempt Market Dealer, we will be able to offer these securities to Accredited Investors.”


3iQ is a Toronto based company that was founded in 2012. The company functions as an investment fund manager. After receiving regulatory approval from the Canadian Securities Administrators, 3iQ has expanded their reach to include digital assets.

Beyond hosting an upcoming digital securities offering, 3iQ has recently announced their acquisition of managerial rights to multiple crypto-funds formed by First Block Capital.

Company operations at 3iQ are overseen by President and CEO, Frederick T. Pye.


KoreConX is a New York based company that was founded in 2016. The company describes themselves as the ‘World’s first all in one platform for the private capital markets’. Part of this platform is geared towards the rapidly developing digital securities sector. Under the watch of CEO, Oscar Jofre, KoreConX has developed a new protocol designed to ensure regulatory compliance, while maintaining efficiency throughout the process of issuing digital securities.

In Other News

KoreConX has been making steady development since their launch in 2016. Over the past few months we have detailed multiple of partnership announcements, as they become a well-rounded company.

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