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Since their founding in 2013, Blockchain Capital has managed to become one of the most well-known blockchain based venture capital firms.

Blockchain Capital has played a role in the financing of over 75 different blockchain based companies.  Furthermore, they have provided qualified investors the ability to gain exposure to such companies through the use of their own security token – BCAP.

The following are a few examples of the companies which Blockchain Capital has invested in.

  • Abra
  • Harbor
  • Coinbase
  • Paradex

The team at Blockchain Capital was ahead of their time.  Only now is the digital securities sector beginning to take off, while Blockchain Capital has been in the game for years.

To date, the company has raised over $250 million through a series of raises.  Company operations are overseen by a pair of Cofounders/Managing Partners

  • W. Bradford Stephens
  • P. Bart Stephens

Company Details

Company Name
Blockchain Capital LLC
Company Type
Limited Liability Company

Contact Details

Business Address
228 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90401, United States
Phone Number

Team Members

Name: P. Bart Stephens
Position: Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Name: W Bradford Stephens
Position: Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Name: Spencer Bogart, CFA
Position: Partner
Name: Jimmy Song
Position: Bitcoin Fellow
Name: JoAnne Lauer
Position: Investor Relations
Name: Zalia Aliriza
Position: Controller


Name: Mike Novogratz
Position: CEO, Galaxy Investment Partners, LLC
Name: Gavin Wood
Position: Co-founder, Ethereum Founder and CTO, Parity
Name: Charlie Lee
Position: Founder, Litecoin Director of Engineering, Coinbase
Name: Vinny Lingham
Position: CEO, Civic

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