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“World’s Most Liquid Exchange” ZBX – Malta

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Malta ZBX Exchange

Malta is shaping up to be a premier location for security token exchanges. The country's pro crypto stance and regulatory environment make it an ideal location for those seeking to explore the security token sector. The experienced development team behind the ZBX exchange is one of those entering Malta's crypto zone in the coming months.


The ZBX platform seeks to be among the first fully regulated crypto exchanges in the world. In order to accomplish these tasks, the company must adhere to a number of strict legislative guidelines regarding the sale of securities. Additionally, ZBX must undergo frequent audits. The audits are to be conducted by the big four accounting firms.

Low Fees

ZBX will offer users a unique experience including zero trading fees for certain trial-periods and trading volumes. Also, The platform integrates advanced API technology. Users can connect their account to other ZB exchanges including and ZBG. The ZB development team is no stranger to the cryptomarket. is one of the top 3 exchanges in the world right now. The exchange has anywhere from 300 – 700 million USD in daily trading volume.

ZBX Exchange in Malta

ZBX Exchange in Malta

It's no surprise that this latest venture raised eyebrows amongst the crypto community. ZBX promises to tackle many of the security token sector's biggest concerns with their all-inclusive approach to the market. Maltese officials are also excited to have the exchange and the government continues to create a solid regulatory framework for the security token community.

Liquidity is King

When it comes to concerns surrounding the security token sector, liquidity is the main issue usually brought up. Since security tokens can't be transferred without authorization, developers recognized the need to expand the liquidity of this market. ZBX users gain the advantage of being a part of one of the “most liquid exchanges on the planet” according to the companies CEO Dave Pulis.

FIAT Trading Pairs

According to a recent Forbes report, the exchange will feature fiat trading pairs in both EUR and USD.  These tokens will give ZBX investors more options during times of market volatility. Fiat tethered coins are an important part of many people's crypto investment strategy. This is because these coins are less likely to fluctuate in value because they are pegged to the value of a fiat currency such as the dollar.

Hosting Stable Coins

ZBX will host a variety of security tokens including stable coins. Security tokens can be pegged to other assets such as gold or oil. When a token is pegged to one of these stable assets it's called a “stable coin.” Stable coins play an important part in the cryptocommunity. Investors use these tokens to escape volatility in the market.

Adding New Security Tokens to the Exchange

Currently, interested parties can their token added to the exchange by purchasing 20 BTC worth of XT tokens. Of course, the platform does have strict guidelines that all listed tokens must follow. Additionally, the platform comes from a solid history of cybersecurity with the websites mother exchange, never hacked, despite the exchange entering the market in 2013.

A Complete Package

You should expect great success from ZBX in the coming year. The platform has an experienced team funding their efforts, along with a recognizable network of partners. Malta seems like the perfect place for ZBX to call home. ZBX is now open to European traders.


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