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With an Eye on Digital Securities, AmaZix and Chainstarter have Partnered

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Only recently, AmaZix announced a new partnership formation between themselves and Chainstarter. The goal of this partnership is to see each company pool their efforts, in an attempt to develop the digital securities sector.

This move comes at an important time for AmaZix, as they have vocalized their intent to focus more on STOs. They have a found a capable partner in Chainstarter. For example, Chainstarter has helped over 40 clients issue digital securities. Each of which, has gone on to be traded via secondary markets such as TokenWriter and Crix.


In their press release, representatives from each company spoke on the partnership discussed here today.

Jonas Karlberg, CEO of AmaZix, stated,

AmaZix has been very successful helping founders reach their target audience and their funding goals… we share the same ethos as Chainstarter and handpick clients where the proposition and management team are sound.”

Nick Ayton, CEO of Chainstarter, stated,

We really love what AmaZix do for clients and we share the same ethos and ambition… the market have changed and reaching investors that will buy security tokens requires significant expertise.”


AmaZix maintains headquarters in Hong Kong. Since being established in 2017, company operations have been overseen by CEO, Jonas Karlberg.

Above all, AmaZix works with blockchain-based companies by providing both advisory and consulting services. They have stated their belief in STOs, and indicate that their goal is to promote this new asset class.


Chainstarter is based out of London. The company specializes as a full-service platform, for companies looking to undergo the tokenization process.

Chainstarter has been helping companies through this process since their inception in 2017. During this time, company operations have been overseen by CEO, Nick Ayton.

In Other News

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