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Web3 Foundation Partners with Polkadot Parachain Auction Winners for Ledger Integration



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The Web3 Foundation has announced a strategic partnership with Zondax, a leading infrastructure provider. The partnership seeks to offer all the current and future winners of the Polkadot parachains slot auctions an opportunity to work seamlessly with Ledger wallets.

Web3 Foundation partners with Zondax

The official announcement from the Web3 Foundation said that it had secured a strategic long term partnership with Zondax. Zondax is an innovative software developer, and with this recent partnership, the Web3 Foundation seeks to tap into innovative infrastructure.

As this partnership starts, Zondax is already looking into ways to benefit the other involved parties. Zondax is currently creating software that will be used in Ledger hardware wallets that support a wide range of native assets. This software will be customized for the winners of the Polkadot parachain slot auctions.

The initial batch of projects that will receive the Ledger software for retail purposes includes the first batch of winners of the Polkadot parachains auctions. These first winners include Acala, Astar, Clover, Moonbeam and Parallel.

Zondax will release three software development packages for the Ledger app for the winners. The first will be the basic package that will be available for free. The other two packages are standard and custom, and they will only be launched upon the request of the qualifying protocol.

The founder of Zondax, Juan Leni, commented on the benefits that this partnership would yield. Leni noted that the partnership was in line with the mission and vision of the Polkadot network and the ecosystem of parachains. The executive noted that the collaboration would allow the network to achieve the desired levels of privacy and scalability.

“Thus, I am very excited to see Zondax and Web3 joining hands and creating a Web 3.0 future together as our values align well. I believe this exclusive collaboration will mark yet another milestone in interconnected blockchain technology, leading us to the dawn of a future parachain ecosystem. As envisioned in the Polkadot paper, together, we are searching for a system capable of achieving global-commerce levels of scalability and privacy.”

Polkadot projects set to benefit from interoperability

The Polkadot network has advertised itself as an Ethereum killer. The network seeks to offer a high level of scalability while charging low transaction fees to boost the adoption of the project by decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This recent partnership is another major step toward the growth of the network.

The representatives of some of the top Polkadot parachains have shown excitement about the opportunities offered by the Zondax software and its integration of the Ledger hardware wallets. This could foster more adoption for Polkadot parachains and trigger more adoption of the network.

The CEO and founder of Noddle, Micha Benoliel, is optimistic about the integration and the benefits it would provide to its team. Nodle is one of the projects that won the Polkadot parachain slots. It said that Zondax’s software on Ledger hardware wallets could allow the team to meet its objectives.

“Zondax has been a key partner for Nodle and provided us with a secure and reliable Ledger application for storing Nodle Cash tokens most safely. Hardware wallet support is a key feature on the Nodle roadmap as we want to ensure our token holders have the best options available to secure their holdings,” Benoliel added. The partnership between Zondax and the Web3 Foundation will run until the end of June 2023, as depicted by the announcement.

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