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Vertalo and InvestReady to Address Verification / Accreditation

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Vertalo has announced that they have forged a strategic partnership with InvestReady. This alliance will see Vertalo integrate services, offered by InvestReady, which are tailor-built to streamline processes surrounding the verification and accreditation of investors.

Verification and Accreditation

One of the main differentiators between simple utility tokens and the various forms of digital securities are the regulations that are enforced upon the latter. Two of the biggest areas of concern are the verification and accreditation of investors.

With the sale of digital securities typically restricted to accredited investors only, it is of vital importance for issuing companies to ensure they only sell to the appropriate parties. This, however, is an exhausting process, which has resulted in various companies developing specialized services to streamline the proceedings.

In recent months, we have reported on a variety of the advent of these services aimed towards verification and accreditation. The following are a few examples of this, in addition to the partnership discussed here today.

AmaZix turns to KABN for Identification Services

Tokeny Welcomes IdentityMind under InvestorID Umbrella

Mutual Friends

One noted beneficiary from this new partnership is Prime Trust. Already offering a variety of services, ranging from custody to escrow, Prime Trust now has the ability to continue rounding out their stable of offerings.

Notably, Prime Trust recently announced that they would be utilizing a series of other services provided by, none other than, Vertalo. Between this past announcement, and that of today’s, this pairing of companies appear well suited for one another.

Prime Trust to Utilize Various Services Provided by Vertalo


Various representatives took the time to comment on this partnership announcement. The following is what each had to say on the matter.

Dave Hendricks, CEO of Vertalo, stated,

“Our clients are expanding at a scale we’ve not seen in the past. In order for the digital asset industry to fulfill its destiny, processes need to be simple for investors and the issuers whom they fund. InvestReady’s integration with Vertalo’s ecosystem will directly impact and improve and simplify the investor experience and engagement levels that are necessary for full-scale adoption.”

Adrian Alvarez, CEO of InvestReady, stated,

“This collaboration represents the convergence of traditional investing practices and cutting-edge technology, a combination that will not only improve, but redefine how we participate and invest in real estate.”

Jimmy Bingham, SVP of Business Development of Prime Trust, stated,

“The impact that this integrated partnership will have on the digital asset investor experience will be unprecedented. While this integrated partnership will reduce expenses associated with the verifying and maintaining of an investor’s accreditation stats throughout the lifetime of the investment, the automation of InvestReady’s investor accreditation processes integrated into Vertalo’s ground breaking Travel Rule compliant ‘Passport’ API is necessary for the liquidity of digital assets on secondary exchanges.”

Speaking with Dave

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Hendricks, gaining a better understanding of Vertalo. In this exclusive interview Dave Hendricks shares his thoughts on digital securities, and the future of the company.

Interview Series – Dave Hendricks, CEO of Vertalo


Vertalo is a Texas based company which was founded in 2017. The ‘cap-table specialists’ have continually expanded their services over the past two years, helping to move the digital securities sector forward.

CEO, Dave Hendricks, currently oversees company operations.


Operating out of Miami, Florida, InvestReady is a seasoned company which was launched in 2013. Specializing in services surrounding the verification and accreditation of investors, InvestReady is perfectly suited for serving the developing digital securities sector.

CEO, Adrian Alvarez, currently oversees company operations.

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