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Top 10 Digital Securities that Might Offer Great Opportunities this August




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Digital Securitie

Digital securities have been an excellent investment opportunity for investors all over the world. However, they are not as popular as traditional cryptos for several reasons. In some cases, users are unsure whether or not they are legal due to all the stories of regulators going after unregistered securities. And yes, unregistered securities are a dangerous thing to invest in, as the regulator can sue the securities issuers and the project could go belly-up fairly easily.

However, real, registered securities are much safer than regular crypto, as securities have to follow security regulations, which are already in place. And so, while there are no regulations for Bitcoin and other cryptos, there are rather strict regulations for digital securities. If you are interested in investing in them, there are plenty that we can recommend for any curious investor.

Even if you don’t want to invest yet, but you would like to monitor their performance while you are learning more about them and their advantages, we can still help you out by providing the following list, which features the top 10 digital securities for you to keep an eye on this August.

1. Blockchain Capital

The first on our list is Blockchain Capital, which is a well-known and popular company that has been operating for about eight years at this point. The company has invested in over 125 different blockchain projects and protocols of all kinds since it was founded. The companies and projects themselves are also located all across the globe, and they were in various stages of development when they captured Blockchain Capital’s attention.

With that being the case, it wasn’t long before Blockchain Capital became a very influential firm, and its moves were closely monitored. The projects that it invested in quickly captured the attention of other investors, allowing the projects that Blockchain Capital believed in to thrive. These days, the investment firm offers operational and capital support, it assists in organizing community events, participatory services, and alike. Also, in 2017, it launched its own cryptocurrency, the BEP token, and the ICO managed to raise $10 million in less than 6 hours.

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2. INX Limited

Moving on, we have INX Limited. This is a company that launched a security token called INX, and the main idea that the company has is to try and introduce a new regulated standard. It is a big move that has the potential to introduce big changes, which is why INX Limited quickly got the attention of the market.

The company’s long-term goal is to bring a spot trading suite of its own and use it to support the trading of traditional cryptos and digital securities alike. However, its primary focus is on broad crypto trading offerings. To do this, it made sure to be compliant with regulatory bodies from all over the world, and so far, it already ensured compliance with the EU regulators, the US SEC, and even FINRA. Currently, the firm is making several moves in order to ensure that institutional investors will get more involved with cryptocurrencies since institutional adoption and money are of great importance for the success of the industry.

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3. Exodus

In the third spot, we have Exodus — a project that is offering an advanced and feature-rich crypto wallet for Bitcoin and other digital coins. Right now, it already supports more than 200 altcoins, including its own native digital coin called EXIT. Apart from being quite feature-rich, the wallet is also very user-friendly, which makes it a great choice of a wallet for any new arrivals to the crypto sector who are looking for a single wallet for multiple popular coins.

It allows you to send, receive, and even exchange coins within it, as long as both the coins that you have and the one you want to exchange them into are supported by the software. Furthermore, Exodus combines digital currency payments, Reg A+ and common stock, represented digitally by EXIT. In this situation, each EXIT token represents one share of the company’s common stock, which makes it quick and easy to invest in the firm and its coins simultaneously.

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Moving on, we have SPICE VC. This is a digital security token of the company going by the same name, which has made multiple major investments in a firm called Securitize. This is one of the largest token issuers in crypto, and so far, it has shown notable traction in terms of asset tokenization and securities tokens creation.

SPICE VC also has a very experienced team and the combination of a great team, excellent technology, and a use case that it has allowed it to attract plenty of big names, such as ROX, Bakkt,, and more.

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5. Protos

Halfway down the list, we have a security token issuer called Protos, which is a firm that allows investors to easily gain exposure to some professionally managed portfolios. These days, investing in crypto and DeFi tokens is very simple, but the industry’s volatility is as strong as ever. This means that you cannot risk investing all of your money in a single asset. Diversifying your portfolio is key for being a successful investor, in general, and that’s even more important when it comes to crypto.

The problem is that users find it difficult to manage and track all the different coins and tokens. This is where Protos comes in, with a professionally managed portfolio of crypto assets and DeFi networks, allowing users to quickly and easily invest in some of the most profitable assets available.

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6. Science

Moving on to number six, we have a project called Science Blockchain, or just Science for short. This is an innovative organization that values brilliant and disruptive people and nurtures the spirit of innovation. The project focuses on mobile marketplaces and select e-commerce investments, such as Liquid Death and PlayVS.

The project’s philosophy is to help build companies and invest in them, with the goal of building the next generation of firms that would help shape the future into a positive and profitable one. It brings together the best ideas, talents, and financing through a centralized platform and then uses the combination to uncover trends and share them across the entire portfolio. So far, it has helped 60 companies with getting started and obtaining funding, and it acquired as many as 8 businesses that are now contributing to its ecosystem.

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7. Millennium Sapphire

The seventh on our list is a project called Millennium Sapphire, and this one is actually quite interesting. It revolves around the world’s largest sapphire, as in the actual gem, which is important because it features small carvings of humanity’s greatest achievements in the last 5,000 years.

From the earliest known achievements in recorded history to date, there are 134 scenes in total for now, featuring all kinds of milestones and important events. The project used the sapphire to create its own MS Token around it, and by purchasing the tokens, token holders are able to gain fractionalized ownership of the sapphire, thus holding a stake in one of the most durable and creative history books ever created.

8. Dignity Gold

In the eighth spot, we have Dignity Gold, which is a blockchain development firm that builds security tokens with the idea of creating new and better investment opportunities. The company’s focus is on precious metals and various minerals. By creating agreements, the company essentially creates intrinsic value.

Meanwhile, its idea is to offer a stable and safe way to allow users to invest in these commodities in a simple and reliable way that only digital securities can offer. Apart from ease of use and convenience, there are several other benefits that come from tokenization, including additional distributions of rewards, which depend on how many security tokens the token holder owns.

9. AspenCoin

Nearing the end of the list, we have Aspen Coin. This is a security token created by a company called Aspen Digital, which is, in turn, a subsidiary of Elevated Returns LLC. The firm functions as a worldwide real estate corporation, and it leads the development of the security token market. As such, it has a primary goal of creating a kind of borderless marketplace where real estate investors would always find the best investment opportunities.

Its native token, AspenCoin, is an asset-backed digital currency that was distributed to investors in a private offering. It was also developed as a fully regulatory compliant security token, and as such, it is safe to buy and own.

10. Tinaga Island Resort

Last, but not least, we have Tinaga Island Resort. This is a project issued by a company called Tinaga Resorts Corporation, which recognized the attractive qualities of the digital currency industry, and decided to test it for itself. However, as a major corporation, it decided to build a security token rather than a regular utility coin.

The token, known as TIRC, had a goal to raise $10.6 million, which was intended to be used for the development of a 5-star beach resort. Those who invested in the coin and became its owners are then promised to receive regular rewards in exchange for holding onto the token, and so far, everything is going as planned. The company’s goal is to have the resort operating by December 2024, after which all profits from its operations will be distributed to token owners.


With that, we conclude our list. As you can see, digital securities can be just as diverse and interesting as cryptocurrencies themselves. However, unlike regular cryptos, they are safer because they are regulated and registered with regulatory bodies. That means that you have someone to turn to in case of something going wrong and if you suffer losses due to someone else’s fault.

However, just like with crypto, we also cannot claim that any of these projects will go big and be successful. Since digital securities are much fewer in number, chances are that they will, however, and for the time being, you can just keep an eye on mentioned coins while you learn more about them.

Ali is a freelance writer covering the cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain industry. He has 8 years of experience writing about cryptocurrencies, technology, and trading. His work can be found in various high-profile investment sites including CCN,, Bitcoinist, and NewsBTC.