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Top 10 NFT Projects that You Should Consider Right Now




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Top 10 NFT Projects that You Should Consider Right Now

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have taken over the crypto industry from the moment they emerged as a trend. However, unlike most trends, they did not disappear over the course of a few months. Instead, they became even stronger, especially since the metaverse emerged, and started relying heavily on NFTs.

Even today, the focus on the NFT sector is massive, with new projects emerging all the time while the existing ones continue to grow and evolve. So, if you wish to invest in one or more projects in this sector, here are some of our top suggestions for you to consider.

1. Flow

The first on our list is flow, which is a fast, decentralized, developer-friendly project that is among the highest-ranking NFT projects out there. It is an L1 blockchain created by the team that has developed CryptoKitties, NBA Top Shot, Dapper Wallet, and other successful projects.

It has a native token, also called FLOW, and its ecosystem was specially designed for mainstream adoption. This is also the only blockchain that builds usability improvements into the protocol layer. All of this, and more, make it a great blockchain for launching NFT projects and collections, which gives FLOW additional use cases, and hints at the excellent chance for its token’s price to grow.

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2. Chiliz

Next, we have Chiliz, which is a leading digital currency for sports and entertainment. It was created by a FinTech provider from Malta, and it operates the sports entertainment platform Socios, which allows sports brands to get in more direct contact with their fans. This, of course, means that the project can also offer NFTs tied to sports merch, and grant fans true ownership of it, as well as different collectibles, and alike.

Chiliz has already attracted numerous major brands which now have a presence on its platform, and it will undoubtedly onboard even more of them as time goes by.

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In the third place, we have STEPN. This is a project that uses NFTs to sell digital sneakers to its users, and those who purchase them and then go out for a run or a walk will have their steps measured and generate digital currencies through mileage. The project’s goal is to combine fitness and finance, and so far, it has done a far better job than any project that tried it before.

It encourages users to go out and walk and run, and it even provides incentives in the form of digital currency, which is why we expect the project to see quite a bit of popularity moving forward.

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4. Enjin Coin

The fourth on our list is a project called Enjin Coin, created by a company called Enjin that offers an ecosystem of interconnected, blockchain-based gaming products. Enjin allows game developers to use NFTs and tokenize in-game items and, in doing so, provide its users with true ownership of all the items that they purchase.

Meanwhile, its native coin, ENJ, has a number of use cases, such as ensuring transparency and scarcity, infusing blockchain assets with reserve value, providing utility in apps and games, and more.

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Halfway down the list, we have CEEK VR, which is Ethereum-based crypto that combines NFTs, metaverse, and DeFi elements to provide an ecosystem for music artist, sports, and content creators of all kinds. It allows them to connect directly to their fans in a virtual world and grants the fans the ability to achieve true ownership of digital items that will traverse multiple digital reality environments.

CEEK has already achieved some world-class partnerships, including top-tier artists such as U2, Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, Ziggy Marley, Sting, and more. It also patented its own VR headset that allows users to attend live performances in the metaverse.

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6. Decentraland

The sixth on our list is Decentraland, which is one of the oldest and most developed NFT and metaverse projects. Decentraland allows users to purchase digital land in its virtual world, and users can do that simply by buying an NFT. Once they own the land, they can use it for running an online business, developing software or games, and even organizing digital events, meetups, parties, and more.

Decentraland was already used by some major projects and organizations, with the most notable example being the Australian Open, which organized events in its metaverse back in January of this year.

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7. Nervos Network

Moving on, we have a project called Nervos Network, which describes itself as an open-source public blockchain ecosystem and a collection of protocols. It features a Layer 1, PoW public blockchain protocol Nervos CKB, and it uses it to allow any crypto-asset to be stored with complete security, immutability, and permissionless nature of Bitcoin itself.

Meanwhile, the project enables smart contracts and L2 scaling, which means that it is scalable enough and fully capable for the development of non-fungible tokens.

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8. Gala

In 8th place, we have Gala Games, which is a project that aims to take the entire gaming industry in a completely new direction. The project believes that gamers are no longer receiving what they paid for while buying games because they do not own physical copies of games anymore. And while digital copies are more convenient, they can also be taken away from them with a click of a button.

Gala plans to use NFTs to provide gamers with true ownership of both games and in-game items that they purchase. In doing so, it wishes to empower the players and ensure that no one will ever be able to take away what they paid for.

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9. Ultra

Nearing the end of the list, we have Ultra – a publishing platform and ecosystem for video games and video game content. The project wishes to remove the current monopoly that publishing platforms like steam hold and provide new gaming opportunities for players, game developers, and influencers.

Players can benefit from immediately playable games, they can earn UOS from using the platform, and they can own all the in-game items that they buy thanks to the fact that they are sold in the shape of NFTs.

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10. DeRace

Lastly, we have DeRace, which describes itself as an NFT horse racing ecosystem that uses NFT horses with unique characteristics to grant ownership of them to players and to bring the gambling element to the blockchain gaming sector. Players can even build and own entire hippodromes and use them to host races and turn it into a rather profitable business.

In doing so, DeRace will disrupt no less than three multi-billion dollar industries, including gaming, betting, and racing industries. There is a massive opportunity here, and DeRace plans to use it and bring fairness, transparency, and other blockchain qualities to this way of playing games.

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Just like any other blockchain asset, the fate of NFTs is not known to anyone. Even the short-term predictions are nothing more than guessing, for the most part, as anything can happen at any time, and even the smallest events can have big consequences on the prices. But, from everything we have seen so far, we are convinced that the NFT sector is not going anywhere. While it cannot be called a safe investment, it is highly likely that many of these projects will survive and thrive in years to come.

Ali is a freelance writer covering the cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain industry. He has 8 years of experience writing about cryptocurrencies, technology, and trading. His work can be found in various high-profile investment sites including CCN,, Bitcoinist, and NewsBTC.