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Smartlands Eyes Continued Expansion with Equity Sale

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Equity Sale

In an effort to aid in their global expansion, London based issuance platform, Smartlands, has just announced an upcoming equity sale.

This announcement, coming hot on the heels of their ‘Disruptive Fund’, is one that, if successful, will help the company ensure that their goal of tokenising $1B in assets by 2023 comes to fruition.

Facilitating Growth/Expansion

It is important to note that this sale is not being completed as an STO. While the company does indeed specialize in facilitating STOs, this equity sale will take form as a traditional raise. While the future of STOs is very bright, the fact remains that it is a nascent industry. For a company looking to grow, more established, traditional means of raising funds may prove to be more prudent in the here-and-now.

Despite this choice, it is the future of STOs that stands to benefit, as the continued expansion of a leading platform within the digital securities sector will only aid in their adoption.


Upon announcing their upcoming equity sale, Smartlands CEO, Arnoldas Nauseda, spoke on blockchain and fractional ownership.

“With the help of the blockchain technology, we now can turn your right to own a share of any asset in any asset class into a tradable digital security token. Your part is to have a bank account or crypto wallet. At Smartlands, we call it the concept of “fractional ownership.”

Smartlands CTO, Ilia Obraztcov, elaborated on the progress the company has made over the past year, stating,

“Today we continue to bring together asset owners and investors by implementing our proprietary mechanism for issuing of blockchain-based securities backed by digital ownership of shares in multiple asset classes…Our strategy was and is to perfect crowdfunding investments to the extent of complete global financial inclusion. However, a year ago, while our plans were nothing short of grand, the absence of the actual product meant almost negligible valuation. At the initial stages, Smartlands was only a dream of a handful of digital entrepreneurs who deeply believed in the transforming power of the blockchain technology. Today we have a proven marketable business case. We built an international team of top tier specialists. We’ve formed a state-of-the-art legal framework that we consider one of our greatest achievements.”

Speaking with Arnoldas

We recently had the pleasure of conducting an exclusive interview with Smartlands CEO, Arnoldas Nauseda. In this discussion, we find out how he became affiliated with blockchain, and what the future holds for Smartlands.

Interview Series – Arnoldas Nauseda, CEO of Smartlands


Smartlands is a London based company which operates primarily as a tokenization platform. This includes facilitating STOs, and the various steps throughout the process, including, both, the creation and issuance of digital securities.

CEO, Arnoldas Nauseda, currently oversees company operations.

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