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Smartlands to Tokenise $1B in Assets as they Release Roadmap 2.0




Roadmap 2.0

Wandering in the dark will get you nowhere. For a company to be successful, it is vital to have a clear roadmap in place, which will act as a guide towards achieving goals. While the path may vary as time progresses, the structured nature of the approach is beneficial to the company, while reassuring to clients and investors.

With that in mind, U.K based security token issuance platform, Smartlands, has just released their updated ‘Roadmap 2.0’. This roadmap sheds new light on where the company intends on going in the coming years, and how they will get there.

$1 billion

While each of the steps, noted on the updated roadmap, are important in their own way, they are irrelevant if there simply aren’t any projects using the company’s services – this, however, is not the case.

Smartlands has indicated that, over the past 18months, they have worked diligently to pour over a 100 pitches by companies looking to tokenise assets through their platform. Looking to offer investors access to only the highest quality offerings, these companies were narrowed down to 15 high potential opportunities.

This bodes well for all parties involved, as it shows a high level of scrutiny on behalf of Smartlands, when approving projects, in addition to demonstrating a demand for their platform.

The opportunities chosen were purposefully institutional customers, as these are projected to be larger in nature, while providing higher levels of liquidity to investors. Cumulatively, Smartlands expects that projects tokenised through their platform will equate to over $1 billion in assets within the next four years.

The following is an infographic, released by Smartlands, detailing the currently project ‘pipeline’, and the nature of these opportunities.


Upon announcing their roadmap 2.0, Smartlands CEO, Arnoldas Nauseda, took the time to comment on the company’s future goals. The following is what he had to say on the matter.

“Our goal for the next five years is to become a fully automated AI-powered decentralised global investment ecosystem that can handle the needs of small retail investors as well as global institutional wealth managers.”

Arnoldas Nauseda

At the helm of Smartlands is a dedicated professional. CEO, Arnoldas Nauseda, has a formal education in both finance and economics. Beyond this, he has vast experience within FinTech, and has dedicated an entire year towards learning the ins-and-outs of distributed ledger technologies.

Recently, we were fortunate to have had the opportunity to interview Arnoldas, and learn more about both him, and Smartlands.

Interview Series – Arnoldas Nauseda, CEO of Smartlands


Smartlands is a global security token issuance platform. Services offered by the company provide its clients with a comprehensive experience. This means that they are a one-stop-shop for companies looking to tokenise assets, and investors looking to gain exposure to such opportunities.

Smartlands and their services operate in London, United Kingdom, under the oversight of regulatory body, ‘Financial Conduct Authority’.

In Other News

While many companies have huge ambitions, Smartlands is one of the few to actually deliver on their goals, to date. We have seen this young company develop various services, which have been put to use in the tokenisation of real estate, as well as facilitating other companies along their paths. The following articles outline a few of the accomplishments made by Smartlands over the past few months.

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