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Smartlands Teams Up with ECN CrowdCamp

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The EU tokenized real estate sector continues to see development as Smartlands announced a strategic partnership with the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) recently. News of the membership first broke on June 13 after Smartlands executives were seen at the ECN CrowdCamp conference. The move signals a push for more blockchain integration across the traditional EU markets. It also signals major progress for Smartland’s growing platform’s capabilities.

Smartlands joined the ECN to further development on their alternative finance platform. Currently, the UK-based tokenization platform specializes in the real estate sector. The decision to team up with ECN helps the platform to expand into other traditional financial markets. The ECN has a diverse membership of industry leaders. Many of these firms are interested in developing blockchain-based systems for their industries.

Access to Smartlands Tech

Discussing the maneuver, ECN's Executive Director, Oliver Gajda, spoke on the added security and lower costs associated with Smartlands blockchain technology. He explained how technology provides future clients with a more robust and innovative climate. Gajda also took a moment to praise Smartland's accomplishments to date.

Smartlands via Homepage

Smartlands via Homepage

Additionally, Arnoldas Nauseda, Smartland's CEO took a second to discuss the difficulties facing investors in the real economy. He described how this partnership can further Smartland's reach globally. In turn, he explained how this strategy furthers large scale blockchain adoption in general in the EU sector.

Vast Experience

Nauseda wasn't the only Smartland’s executive to speak on the monumental decision to join the ECN. Smartland's Head of Marketing, Yaroslava Tkalich, took a moment to shed some light on why the ECN benefits greatly from the arraignment. He described how his company's vast blockchain experience will be available to all ECN members moving forward.


Smartlands is a UK-based Blockchain firm that specializes in securities backed by digital ownership of shares across multiple asset classes. The revolutionary network first came to light as one of the premier platforms to launch on the Stellar Lumens Network.

Stellar Lumens

The Steller blockchain is a Gen 3 cryptocurrency due to the advancements made in its smart contract programmability. Stellar differs from Ethereum, the most popular token launch blockchain, in a number of ways. Primarily, Stellar can launch tokens and basic applications far easier than the Ethereum network.

The European CrowdFunding Network- ECN

The ECN is a Non-profit organization that entered the market with the goal of simplifying crowdfunding through innovation. The firm aims to increase understanding of the importance of crowdfunding and regulatory protections across multiple networks. Also, the ECN wants to help entrepreneurs take their concepts to the next level via access to global funding.

Smartlands Makes Smart Moves

The decision to join the ECN is a wise maneuver on the part of Smartlands. The firm's proven blockchain strategies can be employed across multiple business sectors. Many industry leaders are members of this exclusive organization. Providing these members access to reliable blockchain technology at an affordable rate, increases both platforms positioning in the market. You can expect to see more developments from these firms as Smartlands continues its integration into the ECN.

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