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Smartlands Announces Tokenisation of ‘Disruptive Fund’

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Moving Forward

Smartlands has recently announced a new investment fund that will provide investors with exposure to high potential, ready-to-launch, companies. Keeping in line with their belief in digital securities, Smartlands will be providing access to what they call the ‘Disruptive Fund’, through tokenisation.

While nothing is guaranteed, it is the aim of Smartlands to achieve at least a 25-30% return on investment.

This announcement is in line with a previous announcement made by Smartlands that indicated their intent to tokenise $1B in assets in the coming years. With their first STO a success, there is nothing standing in the way of them repeating this feat.

Smartlands to Tokenise $1B in Assets as the Release Roadmap 2.0

Target Industries

In their announcement, Smartlands has broken down their focus into several key industries in which they will be investing.

Past Successes

Kicking off the launch of the Smartlands platform was their inaugural STO, involving student accommodations in Nottingham, UK.

This particular event was a great success, with 100% of their target being reached through private investors. This participation equated to £1 million of the buildings £12 million value being tokenised.

This sale should provide the company with a blueprint on how to proceed, and what to expect, in future endeavours which are similar in nature.


Upon announcing their plans to tokenise a ‘disruptive fund’, Smartlands took the time to comment on the potential of the companies involved.

“The growth potential for the Disruptive Fund that employs this strategy is tremendous. The industries affected by new and wonderful technologies the Fund targets will provide abundant opportunities for creating new markets or penetrating the existing ones with disruptive innovations, new products, and much needed services.”

Speaking With Arnoldas

We recently had the pleasure of completing an exclusive interview with Smartlands CEO, Arnoldas Nauseda. In this discussion, we touch on his personal connections with blockchain, in addition to future plans surrounding Smartlands.

Interview Series – Arnoldas Nauseda, CEO of Smartlands


Headquartered in London, England, Smartlands is an issuance platform that hopes to provide its clients with a comprehensive experience surrounding digital securities.

CEO, Arnoldas Nauseda, currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

Over the past year, we have discussed events surrounding Smartlands on various occasions. Whether establishing strategic partnerships, or developing solutions to industry problems, they remain one of the most established companies within the digital securities sector. While many are still striving to complete their first STO, Smartlands is moving on in quick fashion. The following articles discuss various events from recent months, demonstrating Smartlands activity during this time.

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