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RISE Wealth Technologies Aim for a $120 million Security Token Offering

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Security Token Offering Goes Live

RISE Wealth Technologies has announced their long planned security token offering. The event recently opened up to accredited investors, with tokens, called ‘RSE,’ being distributed.

These assets are structured as profit-sharing security tokens, and are being sold with the intent to be used to further the development of RISE technologies, in addition to fueling global expansion.

$120 Million

The STO launched has been structured with the goal of raising up to $120 million. RISE lists the following benefits to be expected by token holders.

  • Quarterly Profit Payouts
  • Profits are garnered from all aspects of the platform, including revenue from trading fees, licensing of technology to 3rd parties, etc.
  • 4% p.a. Extra Payback in addition to Profit Payouts
  • Entitlement to Proceeds should RISE undergo an IPO

Investor Inclusion

While initially restricted to accredited investors, RISE intends for their offering to eventually open up for investors of any ilk. While there is no timeline for this, RISE indicates that this will occur upon successfully satisfying imposed regulations.

Brought to You By…

In what is becoming a common theme in the industry, this STO is being brought to investors by none other than Securitize. This issuance platform is fast becoming an industry favourite, as they have successfully helped various companies throughout the tokenization process, to date.


Upon announcing the launch of their STO, RISE CEO, Stefan Tittel, had the following to say on the event. He stated,

“The RISE STO is a one-time opportunity for investors to benefit from the fundamental shifts in a trillion-dollar market. The future of investment management lies in artificial intelligence. The flood of data on the financial markets is continuously increasing, while markets are changing more rapidly…The replacement of manual trading by an automated, data-driven algorithm will be breathtakingly rapid. The use of computers running at billions of times higher processing capacity simply leads to continuously better results in the global financial markets, as in all other areas of life. We believe that in the future, the most successful asset managers will be technology companies. At the same time, our approach is fully in line with the German tradition of engineering; we industrialize the invention process of trading models with our software.”

He continued,

“RISE has an ambitious goal – to revolutionize the trillion-dollar asset management industry with our AI-based technology. The STO offers investors the opportunity to participate in the success of AI technology in the financial industry, with a repayment claim, profit share and an additional entrepreneurial opportunity to participate in an exit. This will enable us to link future technology with an exciting investment model…I am optimistic that within the next five years up to $12 billion in institutional capital will be able to flow into trading strategies using RISE technology. Which would still be a negligible part of the market.”

RISE Wealth Technologies

Rise Wealth Technologies is a Grunwald, Germany, based company, and was founded in 2012. Above all, Rise works to develop and implement AI based trading algorithms. The goal of which is to provide professional style investing tactics to the common trader.

CEO, Stefan Tittel, currently oversees company operations.

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