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Boutique Offerings

One of the draws towards the issuance of a security token is the opportunity that the process affords SMEs. Companies that are early stage and boutique (small & on trend), and would not be able to easily raise capital otherwise, now have a means to do so, and can jumpstart the development/expansion of their products and services.

By affording SMEs this opportunity, the market is seeing interesting products and approaches on offer. Not every STO needs to be, nor intend to be, massive €250 million events.

The following are a few upcoming STOs made available through various issuance platforms. Each of these opportunities stray from commonly seen tokens, such as those backed by real estate and debt instruments, and in place, present unique ideas.



This Croatian company specializes in tech solutions built to advance the smart mobility sector. The flagship product of GREYP is their E-Bike, which has caught the attention and investments of companies such as Porsche, T-Mobile, and more.

With capital raised through an STO, GREYP Bikes hopes to continue development on, both the physical product, and an IoT enabled platform, to facilitate ride sharing with E-Bikes.

The team behind GREYP Bikes is 64 strong. CEO, Mate Rimac, resides at the helm of this forward thinking company.

Issuance Platform – Neufund

Ash Elements

While many nations are making a concerted effort to pivot from traditional energy creation methods to green energy, the fact remains that much of the world still utilizes coal. Found within coal are ‘rare earth elements’ (REEs) – a grouping a valuable substances used in electronics and manufacturing. As coal is burned and used up, what remains are huge quantities of rare-earth-element rich ash.

Ash Elements hopes to create tokens backed by the value within this ash due to the REEs. The company hopes to raise capital, through an STO, to fund the continued development of innovative extraction techniques for REE, and establishing the industry. The benefit of this shows, not only in a financial sense, but environmentally as well, as a previously unused and harmful substance is essentially being recycled.

Ash Elements notes that the world leader in these processes is China, with much of the world completely dependent on the nation for their REE needs. By establishing such an outfit, the U.S. would become independent from China, and remove potential leverage in on-going trade talks.

The team at Ash Elements is spearheaded by a trio of Managing Partners – Tom Friend, Chuck Whitlock, and Kevin Paley.

Issuance Platform – SWARM

Cryotech Nordic

In recent years, high profile athletes have driven the growth of cryotech. Cryotech chambers offer increased recovery and healing times for training and injuries sustained by athletes. This is done through exposing the individual to super-cooled gases in a contained chamber. This technology has unfortunately remained out of the hands of the general public, to date, due to attached costs – until now.

Cryotech Nordic indicates that they have developed next-gen chambers that require an electric solution, rather than cost prohibitive gasses traditionally used, such as liquid nitrogen. In doing so, they are looking to bring their solution to the masses. In an effort to achieve this, they are hosting an STO to raise capital for the continued development of their product, and efforts to continue through their roadmap.

Issuance Platform – TokenMarket

Something for Everyone

Through the use of issuance platforms and bridging services, SMEs are now able to take advantage of a democratized sector, as companies of all sizes have the means to raise necessary capital. The three aforementioned companies represent only a few of the boutique options coming to investors in the coming months.

Will these types of offerings prove to be successful? Or will STOs become relegated to only large scale offerings surrounding real estate?

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